here it goes..

This feels like it could be significant… it sounds that way anyways “my first blog post”. Okay maybe not, after all I’m not the first one to make a first blog post. But I do have to admit, I am hoping that this first blog post could prove to be significant, the start of something awesome. I have to be honest, I may have romanticized the idea of a blog a bit, hoping for a little validation, and an outlet for my creativity and opinionated rambles.  Maybe the internet will like me, since in real life I am broke, fired and feeling more than a little left behind. Perhaps my humor will translate, my weirdness will be written off as quirky and most of all someone might actually care about what I have to say.

I got laid off (I know, big deal right?) Well it is to me, as I’m sure it is to everyone who has ever been laid off. Whenever you tell anyone you have been laid off there is always the GLAD-THATS-NOT-ME look in their eyes, the expected sentiments and courtesies and then of course, the mandatory verbal evisceration of  “the man”. (A topic which I plan to cover extensively in future posts.)  Now I’m not the first or the last person to be laid off, but I am human, and I am mad. I find myself with a great deal of rage, a new outlet and a great deal of free time on my hands. And thus, the blog is born.

So when after  3 years of slumming it at a terrible retail job at Le Chateau for (just above) minimum wage- over worked and underpaid, basically living the dream I got laid off I think its fair to say I was understandably pissed.  Its not that I cared about the job itself- because it sucked- but still, it is a little insulting when after 3 years of work they tell me its time to peace out. Not even a thanks for your hard work just.. pack up the rest of the boxes and then you can be on your merry way to the unemployment office.

There were a few reasons I stayed so long.

1. I was the store manager, I like being in charge.

2. I made shitty money, but was raised by 2 of the most frugal  parents and I know how to stretch a dollar so it was enough to live on.

3. I was generally left to my own devices and I could pick my staff- meaning i could surround myself with cool people who were a mix of work hard/ slack hard. And I was in charge. That’s the most important thing to me since not only do I always think I’m right (because I am) but I hate having anyone bossing me around, since obviously I know better than they do. Really this is the same as number one.

4. I loved working on the trendy “Uptown 17th Avenue” and I got to meet lots of cool people.  Retail isn’t bad if you don’t work in a crazy busy mall, except for the mandatory insane customers… (Where do they even come from? Some self entitled land of jerk-offs where rudeness is a permanent state of being? I mean seriously, some people’s children.)

5. And the main reason… I really love clothes and I got half off!!

When they told me I was being laid off in 2 weeks time I a little upset.  By a little I mean my rage was next level and I absolutely could not BELIEVE I had wasted my time working at a company that would so completely use me, then blatantly lie to me, only to lay me off at their last legal moment. I mean, it was some Grade A Bologna. If you have a job interview at Le Chateau and are wondering, is this job good for me?  The answer is most likely no.  There are a lot of really shitty companies out there that are not above lying, manipulating and underpaying their employee’s to get their maximum profits. There are a lot of good companies out there too, find one of those.  They told me I had “two weeks notice” (there were just 2 weeks left until the store closed, which I had been aware of for an entire year) for my being “let go” and paid out all the mandatory funds.  It was all legally on the up-and-up. Morally, the fact is that THREE different Calgary supervisors lied to my face and told me I had a position at another location, before hiding behind their HR department and telling me I was done. COOOOOOL. They did the same to my other staff members, one of whom walked out immediately. I left this note and left early the day after they told me…  suffice to say, I did not finish the two weeks.

fuck you, le chateau

I waffle back and forth about airing such dirty public details, but why should I be silent about how terribly we were treated? What if someone looking at my resume Google searches my name and sees this.. would they want me to work for them? Probably not, if they were judging just from this post. But you know what, if they were, I wouldn’t want to work there anyways.  If a company didn’t want to hire me based on the fact that I called out another company on its incredibly shitty ethical treatment of their employees, its probably for the best anyways. Why work at a job where they expect you to just take ENDLESS SHIT from everyone?  Its why I decided to start blogging, because here, I can do or say or FEEL whatever I want to.

This reveals a few facets of my personality- bit of a superiority complex, slightly superficial… really doesn’t play well with others. VERY opinionated and overly vocal about it. So with all my new found free time I thought about what my next step should be- the aforementioned list, combined with my love of fashion and the joy I take in ranting about the injustice in the world all combined in the perfect storm of mediocrity and I thought well hey, maybe I could do this blogging thing I’ve heard so much about. Honestly, its mostly because everyone I know in real life is sick of listening to me but I’m not done talking yet.  Plus I have a lot of spare time on my hands now, so here goes. I was hoping to make this blog a lifestyle/fashion/diy thing with a little humor and opinion and maybe the tiniest bit of wisdom thrown in. So bear with me I guess as I try to figure out what comes next.. oh and just wait until I afford an iphone- then  instragram would totally help the fashion part get going. Everyone knows that everything looks more chic in sutro.

What was meant to be something little somehow turned into a giant ramble (this always happens to me) And I bet most people will have given up before they even got here but if you didn’t give up then you rock! And if by some miracle you want to share this, please do. And I leave you with this:  if this blog ever does find even the slightest bit of success I will be able to call up my old boss and say THANKS FOR FIRING ME FUCKERS, BECAUSE I HAVE INTERNET FRIENDS NOW.

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