natural makeup- how to

palm trees and a warm breeze

Ahhhh vacations who doesn’t love them? A sweet reprieve from the bitter cold and hopelessness that is winter on the prairie. The sun on your skin, sweat on your brow reminds us of summer love, simple makeup to keep you glowing.

To get this sunkissed look is easy, even if you haven’t been anywhere near the equator this winter. I focused on emphasizing my cheekbones and keeping the look neutral and natural.

Using this bronzer palette (physicians formula or body shop shimmer strips) and a powder brush I swept it into the  hollows of my cheek, and lightly over my neck and chest. It adds just a little shimmer to catch the light (and the fellas eyes am I right?). Then take a pink/berry based blush and apply with a brush to the apples of the cheeks. I use the classic staple; covergirl cheekers blush in deep plum.


On my lips is one of my all time favourite products Clinique chubby stick in Chunky Cherry.  It gives sheer color and moisture. Plus its easy to throw in your bag to reapply and its not heavy like lipstick.

For the eyes, I used the top few color strips of the bronzer (the light gold/rose colors) and just brushed it over the lids and crease. Easy peasy, use a shadow brush or  *gasp* your fingers. Then onto a couple coats of the best mascara ever (in my opinion, Benefit bad gal lash) to give you long, dark lashes.

Now, for my most important beauty rule. FILL IN YOUR DAMN BROWS. Everyone looks better with properly filled brows, its practically science. Youtube can show you how if your don’t already know, I use pencil (CG Eyemakers), some people use powder, do what you gotta do but fill those babies in. You can even get stencils from stores like Sephora to help you shape them, well groomed brows are SO important… If the eyes are the window to the soul, then don’t put hideous curtains over them. (Okay, not the best analogy but I’m going with it.)

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