finally, more bob than beiber.

I cut my hair last summer into a teeny little pixie cut. Now while you have it, a pixie cut is the best thing ever.. takes

about 5 seconds to style, saves on products, looks better the longer you leave it unwashed. A lazy girls dream hair cut to be honest, which is why I was all over that like white on rice. But, all good things must come to an end and by that I mean I got bored of it and decided it was time for something else. Well there is just one problem, it means you have to deal with the dreaded grow out. I defy you to find a graceful way to grow out a pixie without it looking JB-esque or just like a terrible 70s bowl cut.
I hope it isn’t just me who feels the need to constantly change my appearance in an effort not only to combat boredom but to continue buoying up my self esteem, and while I loved my short hair, there is something about longer locks that are distinctly feminine.  Plus, I really wanna start rocking some beach waves… should be only about 2 years until it gets long enough for the style I have in mind, and by then, I’m sure I’ll be so sick of it that the circle of pixie-cutting begins anew.bowl cut.  It was a frustrating few months let me tell you. Which is why its so exciting that through the wonders of biology or nature of whatever, that my hair is finally getting longer again. Its really only been a few months ( my last trim to keep it in pixie form was in November) but as always, whenever you are unsatisfied with something, time has an irritating way of slowing down. So I present to you, the new do. Very exciting stuff ladies and gents.

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