touch of teal.

Today I had to pay a speeding ticket. One of those delightful ones where you don’t even know you got one until it arrives in the mail like a gift from the collection fairy. But I figured I might as well look good doing it.. and since I must admit- speeding is a somewhat regular habit of mine so a little extra cleavage can go a long way in saving $$$ when you get pulled over. I ❤ nice cops!

Anyways, even though I’m looking forward to spring, today I decided to cling a little bit to fall, especially since I recently received these leather motorcycle boots that I ordered from VS! I confess- I’m smitten. They’re the perfect mix between country and rock, and the cognac is an awesome color for any season. To set them off, I paired them with a leather jacket and kept the pallet neutral and with accessories accents in teal & & natural inspired prints and textures on the scarf and bag. ❤

Makeup I kept simple. With a strong brow, blush and bronzer  on cheeks and eyes + vaseline on my lips. I wanted to look light and fresh for this rainy spring day.

Listening to: Simply, Simple -Mother Mother

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