python + nude.

J’adore python print!  + white and nude,  going for something simple& spring.


Cuffed denim, the slightly more polished sister to cutoffs + brown leather belt + white silk tank + nude heels + white & silver strand necklace + leather fold-over clutch with python accent + amber ring- mañana imports calgary.

While I was out, I found the perfect flats! (As pictured above) Dead on match for the bag I am currently obsessed with carrying! Now that is fashion fate,  so obviously I had to buy them… plus it was 2 for $20 so I got these cute mocs as well. You just can’t say no to deals like that. (shoes from ardenes)

I wish I could be one of those types who throw on anything, colors&prints&layers, and still look put together.. but I can’t. I am hopelessly devoted to matchy matchy so finding  shoes that perfectly match my bag appeal to me on an ocd level.

I don’t even feel guilty.

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