DIY- glitter heels


I found a pair of BCBG shoes at Winners last summer, &  instantly, I was in love. They were the perfect pink, nice soft leather, comfortable and chic, basically everything a girl could want from a pair of heels.. Unfortunately for me, they were also a half size too big, but I liked them so much (plus they were such a great price) that I got them anyway.

The first night I broke them out was for an evening of debauchery at the Ship&Anchor Pub on 17th Ave. It was stampede, which in Calgary (if you don’t already know) basically means it was a drunken free for all.. almost no one in the city is behaving properly during stampede week, and I was certainly not the exception. I don’t know how much experience you have trying to walk while intoxicated in shoes that are a little too big, but it never ends well. Morning came, my ankle was swollen and my once pristine shoes were ruined. I had over the course of the evening scuffed the toes, sides and back of my heels, as well as had more than one drink spilled on them which water marked the leather. True love, and then.. Heartbreak. But I’m a hoarder, and I’m cheap, so I kept them, if only to mourn over love lost.

Fast forward to now, where unemployed, but still a shop-a-holic I didn’t have the funds so go out and splurge on a pair of cap toe heels (a look I have been in love with since I saw Jessica Alba rocking this super trendy color block look. So instead I hit up Michaels bought myself some supplies and got crafting. And though I do love Jessica’s sleek shoes, I wanted a little more sparkle for mine.

To get started:


– A paintbrush or sponge
– Mod Podge Gloss Finish
– Loose glitter!!!
– Paper ( 2 pieces )
– a shot glass 😉
– a pair of shoes


1. Pour some mod podge into your shot glass, about 1/3 full (you can use any small container but.. thats what I had lying around, so I used that.) This way the glitter you use wont get into your bottle!

2. Then using your paintbrush or sponge, evenly coat the first section of the shoe, dont make it too thin or it will dry before the glitter can adhere (at least it did for me, but maybe I’m just slow!) once you have the area you want to be covered in glitter coated with mod podge, take the glitter, make sure you have a piece of paper (or several) underneath the shoe and sprinkle the glitter all over the coated area, better to use more than less!

3. GENTLY tap the sides of the shoes so that the excess glitter falls off.. if the sides aren’t coated very well, roll the sides of the paper up so it forms a “U” shape and then carefully roll the sides of the shoes into the extra glitter that you caught at the bottom. Once its covered in glitter to your satisfaction, leave it to dry for a few hours. ( I left mine outside because it was sunny and windy so they dried very quickly!)
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each different area you want glittered (for me the soles, and the toes) When I did the soles, I did only the parts you could see when the foot was down, until I got to step 4, and then I used the glitter mixture to coat the very bottom sole of the shoe, so the glitter is more sparse on the part that its going to get rubbed off on the ground.

4. Once its dry, do a single thin coat of mod podge over and let that dry as well. Then take a look.. for any touch ups I poured some glitter into the cup of mod podge I hadn’t used up and mixed it together, then just dab that mixture onto any area that doesn’t look sparkly enough for your liking.

5. After the touchups had dried I did one final (thicker) coat of modpodge (no glitter) to seal it, and left it over night. By morning they were beautiful and ready to wear.

Not counting drying time between, I’d say it took me about an hour and a half? If that. I highly recommend doing this OUTSIDE so it doesn’t look like a gay parade marched though your house throwing glitter everywhere.. (how does it get EVERYWHERE?!) I would also advise doing it in a sheltered spot, so that the wind doesn’t blow away your sparkles 😦

I didn’t bother taping off the areas that I sparkled (although I think I could have gotten crisper lines if I had, so you might want to if you have shaky hands) the shoes I used had straps that separated the two areas so I took my chances. Then I tried getting fancy and used another kind of glitter on the straps across the toes and it didn’t really work out.. the glitter I used was too fine and lightly colored, it didn’t show up and dried kinda chunky. The glitter I used for the toes and the soles had fairly large flakes which worked much better than the super fine stuff.

To do a cap toe shoe, a pointy or almond shaped heel will look best. If you only want to glitter the soles, any pair is fine.

By the end of it, I looked like one of the twilight vampires I was so sparkly but it was totally worth it!

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