attempting to pull off the crop top

Its dangerous fashion territory folks, the crop top.

Boxy, wide, mid-riff bearing – the perfect formula for a garment unflattering to all but the most petite. Until now! And while I have been working out (sorta!! ._. ) I still am by no means the tiniest of them all, and I didn’t even need a special mirror to tell me so!
I have curves.. and sir mixalot likes it so I’m going with it.

Here are 3 ways to wear the crop top:

(I only own ONE crop top, because I find them super hard to pull off!!)


~dinner with the girls~

If you want to make this look slightly less scandalous wear a sheer black pair of nylons under the shorts.  – Throw on a leather jacket, and a red lip and go out with a tough girl attitude. – I have found that a great deal of having good personal style, is having the guts to rock it fiercely, so instead of thinking people are giving you a second look because you’re over dressed, or that their must be something in your teeth, know that they are just looking because you look gorgeous, and fabulous and they wish they were rockin’ a crop top too!
I also recommend you do your hair, unlike me!



My favourite way to wear a crop top is paired with a tiny pencil skirt, I chose one with embellishments on my hip to balance out the boxyness of the shirt. I feel like when you’re wearing something like a crop top, just embrace that you’re going to be showing some skin, I like to wear them out dancing, they are breezy and cool. But ladies, be careful when you’re dancing, hands up too high overhead and you might be giving a free show! I wore neutral colored heels to make my legs look longer, since the top and skirt already broke my body in half visually.  Don’t ask why I’m death glaring.. its my high fashion look okay!


~casual friday~

Let me tell you, I STRUGGLE to try and make the crop top casual, because I HATE my tummy! (Okay, I know, bad body issues.. i<3mybody, i <3mybody) To make it more casual, I am wearing mid-rise cuffed denim shorts,  and pulled the crop top off one shoulder. With crop tops, I always wear heels just because they help make you look longer and leaner (basically the opposite of what a crop top does so i figure it balances) You can also add a scarf, I would choose a solid color to not compete with the detailing on my top. I chose higher rise shorts in order to minimize inches of skin exposed. If you are wearing them with jeans, I would go super low rise, but really make sure they aren’t cutting in at all and creating a muffin top.  If I was going to wear this out, I’m 90% positive I would end up layering a black tank under.


To be entirely honest I never wear crop tops with jeans or low rise shorts, because I’m just not comfortable, and people can always tell when you aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing.

If you want to fake the crop top look and still hide your tummy, layer a tank-top in a matching color underneath.




Which way is your favourite way to wear this trend?

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