colorBLOCK heels- DIY

this is a super easy project that is also bang on trend for spring: NEON + NEUTRAL COLOR BLOCK HEELS

i had these old beaten up nude shoes that I decided needed a makeover. Here’s what I did:

  1. Wipe them down to get rid of dirt, scuffs and god knows what else.
  2. Tape off the areas you want to be BRIGHT!
  3. I just squeezed the paint right on there  (Folk art neons-2852) and brushed it on evenly with a paintbrush. I did 3 coats on mine; leaving about an hour drying time between the first and second coats, and 2 hours between the second and third. Then leave them to dry overnight.
  4. The next morning un-peel your tape. (slowly and carefully) Then I did one thin coat of ModPodge over the whole body of the shoe, better to be safely sealed than sorry! Leave to dry a couple hours.
  5. Try on your cute new shoes!

And all you needed was a pair of heels, tape, paint, paintbrush and modpodge.


I’m on the lookout for a clutch to paint that will match- I’m going shopping tomorrow so maybe that will be next post!

Check back and see! ~ Love y’all!

I was thinking of painting the soles as well..

YAY/NAY ? What do you think?

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