makeup tutorial + what i wore today..

Today’s look brought to you by the letter “G” – Green + Gold


  1. Brush gold shadow from inner corners outward, blending into the crease.
  2. Apply green shadow (I wet my brush to make it go on darker) and apply to outer corner, blending with a back and forth motion on the lid and outer crease (don’t worry if it gets “outside the lines” you want for your makeup)
  3. Using the lightest gold section on my bronzer pallette, I brushed that on from the inner corner and up onto the brow bone, as a highlighter. Use this shadow on the lid as well if your shadows aren’t blended enough. Make sure you use a soft hand. This will also “set” the wet shadow if you did what I did.
  4. (optional) Use the gold pencil to line the waterline on just the outer corner of the bottom lash-line. ( pictured without, but I added some before I went out!)
  5. Apply several coats of mascara (see product review below!)- brush diagonally up and out  on the outer corner to give a “wide-eyed” look
  6. Using a big blush brush, apply bronzer lightly to cheeks. (If you aren’t sure where/how to apply the bronzer- suck in your cheeks like you’re making a “fish face” and then brush it on in diagonal upward strokes using a flicking motion, starting at the apple of your cheeks and up towards your temples.)
  7. Apply one light coat of sheer pink lipstick. (Choose a shade that looks nearly neutral and brings out the natural pigment in your lips, this will be different for everyone depending on skin tone)

what i wore today:

cuffed skinny jeans (with interesting pocket details), leather jacket- sleeves rolled up, my favourite snakeskin bag,  leopard pony hair heels, a baggy asymmetrical tee and 2 scarves together + bright sunnies!


Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

I bought this after a friend recommended it to me- she knows how I am constantly on the hunt for the best mascara. She stayed at my house and told me that she had the best new thing (I was a non-believer) but I tried it and then immediately went out to buy my own. . . it was that good.


The brush is similar in style to the mega-popular Covergirl Lash Blast with small, spiky plastic bristles. On the handle of the wand, there is a little button you have to depress to get it vibrating.. It takes a little bit of getting used to (especially to do the left eye since I’m not very ambidextrous..) but once you get the hang of it  it is very easy to operate. The vibration feeling is also something to get used to as well, but totally worth it since it seems to really work to separate and lengthen lashes. As for the mascara itself: the formula is good, but a little on the dry side– I noticed tiny pieces that fallen like crumbs onto my face. ( I think this happens when you  layer on multiple coats, then the vibrations can dislodge tiny pieces) If its the price I have to pay to be clump free and mega-long then so be it.. I found that I could blow the crumblies off or take them off with a q-tip no problem.


Overall I thought it was the cats meow! It gave me BETTER results than BadGalLash, which was my previous favourite mascara, for almost half the price. I am all about length, volume, drama when it comes to mascara.. and this delivered.. it looked like I was wearing false lashes!


They claim the mascara “ delivers the 7 must-haves of mascara: thickness, length, separation, colour, curve, luster, zero clumps” and I have to agree that it was pretty good.. (although I dunno how lustrous my lashes were  😉 ) I did notice a tiny bit of clumping, but I also layered on a LOT product. I will be buying it again for sure! And depending on the battery life of the brush I might try rinsing it off and using it with a different mascara to see how it works!


Have you tried this product? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “makeup tutorial + what i wore today..

  1. Looks really nice! Mint Green is a really fresh spring color! And also, your haircolor is really pretty. I used to have like you, but colored my hair dark red and having a hard time getting it back to brown…

    • thank you! I’ve actually been having the same problem, its been red for the last 2 years and its only just getting back to my natural color.. and when i dyed it, i only ever used the “temporary” dyes that are supposed to last 30 washes.. that was NOT the case.. I haven’t dyed it since november, and i’ve been out in the sun using lemon juice to try to strip it out a bit.. its worked well so far!

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