the summer chill list.

So today was far to nice a day to spend doing anything other than relaxing and enjoying the weather.. so rather than write a post, or actually make something, I decided to spend the afternoon winning the back the affections of my cat, having committed the ultimate crime against kitten-code and petting another, impostor-cat who had just showed up here! I know.. How dare I?!  All week he’s been giving me the cold shoulder ever since a very adorable stray showed up in our barn. The second I get into the yard she’s running over to see me and following me around, how can I resist such tactics? She’s SO cute! (Even better, I think she’s knocked up! YAY KITTENS!!!)




Anyways today he decided to forgive me (much to my delight) so we relaxed and caught some sun and snuggles, while listening to the sickest playlist I put together with the thought of summer fun & relaxation in mind and inspired by the only radio station I actually will listen to: X92.9.
So without further adieu, and before I sound TOO much like a crazy cat lady here it is.


summer chill tunes.BY ARTIST.

audioslave- what you are
audioslave- i am the highway
the black keys- gold on the ceiling
city and color– the grand optimist
cypress hill- hits from the bong
daniel wesley- ooo ohh
everlast- what its like
florence + the machine- only if for a night
florence + the machine- never let me go
florence + the machine- no light, no light
florence + the machine- seven devils
gorillaz- clint eastwood
gorillaz- rhinestone eyes
ko- let’s blaze
ko- capable
ko- kurt kobain
ko- bourbon
m.i.a– paper planes
metric- gold guns girls
metric- youth without youth
metric- gimme sympathy
metric- satellite mind
mother mother – simply simple
of monsters and men – little talks
the pack a.d.- haunt you
sublime- what i got
sublime- summertime
sublime- santeria
sublime- carress me down
tool- vicarious
the verve- bittersweet symphony

pick your favourite song, hit shuffle, then sit back and enjoy!

all songs are available on itunes (support the artists yo! don’t steal)
so go and download them if you don’t already own em.
SO worth it, I promise!

Any songs  you would add? I’d love to hear em, so post them below!

I'd love your thoughts...

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