TOP 5 – best products when used in ways they were never intended to be used.

Red Lipstick

a classic on you’re lips, and one of my favourite makeup looks (I’m wearing it today!)  It’s super versatile so find a shade that looks good on your skintone then stash it in your purse. Then use it as a cream blush to give your face a boost any time- just lightly apply 3 dots along the hollow of your cheekbone and blend upward with your fingers. (I like to apply a little hand lotion to my hands first to allow it to blend easier)

Don’t like lipstick? Try Clinique Chubby Sticks in Chunky Cherry!

Body Shop WildRose handcream

Maybe its because I’m a prairie girl at heart, but this lotion smells absolutely amazing! Not too strong, just delicate and surprisingly true to the smell of wild roses, yum! Even though this is a “hand cream for mature skin” lately I’ve been using it as a face cream- its light enough (although be careful if you have fragrance senstivities) and goes on smooth and non-greasy. The benefits of the rosehip oil aren’t limited to the great smell; it packs a moisturizing punch, while also helping to even out skin tone.  I use this in the morning, and then switch to an unscented face cream before bed!

Lubriderm Unscented Daily Moisture-

It seems like everyone knows how great this mosisturizer is, but my favourite use for it is not as a lotion, but as an eye makeup remover. I have dry skin, so  many alcohol based makeup removers bother me. Instead I squrit a little lotion onto a cotton pad (or toilet paper if like me, you’re too cheap to buy cotton pads….) and then gently use it to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. Just make sure to keep your eyes shut!

…it puts the lotion on the skin and does what it is told… ._.

Body Shop Shimmer Wave Bronzer

Great as bronzer (be careful not to overdo it, they aren’t joking about the shimmer) but even better as an eye-shadow. I have the pallette pictured on the left and I love using it to do a subtle smokey eye. Using the darkest color in the crease blend from center to outer corner then apply the lightest color on the lid and in the inner corner of the eye. Line with a brown or bronze eyeliner on the bottom outer corner, 2 coats of mascara and you’re golden! (…literally)

You can also check out the coolest chick ever Jenna Marbles to see her use for it at (Skip to 10:30 to see her favourite way to use it!) In her video she used the physcians formula version, which I have as well and personally find to be somewhat inferior. Good enough for the boobs, not as good as the body shop one for the face.

Acne face wash- If you’ve bought a facial cleanser that seems to irritate the delicate skin on you’re face, then do not despair for money wasted,  just mix it with some brown sugar and use it as a yummy body scrub in the shower!  It doubles as an exfoliant and will help treat body acne, which is great especially in the sticky, sweaty summer!  As well, maybe you only bake once every year when you feel too guilty about just buying your cookies. Because of that maybe you have a 90% full rock hard bag of brown sugar buried in the depths of your cupboard, well this gets rid of that too! And that my friends, is killing two birds with one stone.
(or maybe, that’s just me…)
xo. a.

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