DIY – peplum belt

Peplum has been everywhere lately! Here’s how to get the look for cheap.

Rather than try to hunt down the perfect piece, I decided to make a belt to add a little flare to any outfit!

First you’ll need : 
-an elastic belt (I got mine at Ardene’s 3 for $10)
– any fabric,  slightly longer than the length of your belt. 
– pins, thread and a sewing machine (or patience if you are going to hand sew!)

If your material has unfinished edges, fold and sew to create a nice even hemline. I used two separate pieces of material, but only because I didn’t have any black fabric long enough to cover it in one.
Lay the belt out flat and pin your material in pleats (I spaced mine about 2 inches apart. For more ruffles,  pin pleats closer together and fold over more material to make them larger .)

 Once you have it pinned, simply sew over the pleats. I went over each pleat individually, if you just sew straight along the entire belt you’ll lose the stretch and it will probably break when you try to wear it. The other option is to use elastic thread. 
Because I used two separate pieces of material which met in the middle I also sewed those together at the end. You can skip this step if unlike me you actually got material the right length! 
To emphasize the pleats more, just iron them. (I didn’t but I’m going to… as soon as I find my iron!) Make sure you use the proper settings on your iron for the fabric you chose.



Now, Learn from my mistakes: 

I had -just- enough material to get the amount pleats that I did, if I was to do it again, I’d double the length of the belt in fabric to make it very ruffled. Go big or go home!
It would also have looked great using a lighter material like silk, or something shinier like satin, but considering its a $3.50 belt and an old pant leg I think it turned out alright!

Check out these awesome celeb looks featuring peplum over the last week!

Which is your Favourite Outfit?!

zoe saldana

mila kunis

lucy hale

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