stampede season!

’tis the season- RODEO SEASON THAT IS!
Which is kind of like Christmas in July if you’re like me, a country girl living just outside of calgary!

if you’ve ever been or plan to go to the stampede, i highly suggest you click this link #35 is me to a tee!

This morning dawned sunny and clear (after so much rain these last few days) so I was determined to celebrate the season! Even though its a bit early (Stampede runs July 6th- 15th) I was feeling a little bit country today, and rather than rock some daisy dukes and a tight tank (like so many stampede go-ers) I went for more flower child country style. Rodeo is not the main attraction at stampede.. its people watching and the city wide feeling that being day drunk is not only acceptable, but expected. Its glorious! Everyone lets loose and parties, which really just makes life so much more enjoyable so long as  you can avoid the douchebags who punch girls in the face during concerts (which apparently I failed to do last year, but 2012 is a new beginning!) Make sure you hit up the coke stage at 9pm to see MOTHER MOTHER  on July 15th, and close down the stampede properly!  Plus I’ll be there!!

…in the meantime, here’s my stampede inspired style!

skirt- ELEMENT, top-XXI FOREVER, belt, bag, shoes- LE CHATEAU

remember MOTHER MOTHER when doing you’re summer makeup and keep it simple..
pencil brows, powder blush,  pink lips, light gold on the lids and black mascara!

bag + shoes

makeup + nails- coral on the bottom, with gold diagonally across

Remember, the most important part of stampede is to have lots of fun, keep smiling and stay safe! That… and the day drinking!!!

go with friends, hold onto your drinks, have a safe place to stay and a safe ride home, and remember kids

k, peace homies! have a super fun party weekend!

..its summer and canada day! No excuses!

xo, a.

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