day to night dress

I bought this dress at XXI FOREVER almost a month ago and I’ve been dying to wear it! The coral color, the lace- what more could I ask for in a summer dress? The answer to that is a back… which my dress seems to be lacking in.

See I LOVE the low back trend, but without the right bra it can be uncomfortable to wear.. and I don’t want my bra all exposed to the world. So I’ve been searching for a bandeau in the right shade to no avail… they say desperation breeds innovation, well I was desperate to rock my new dress to I MacGyvered it a bit and just went for it.

For a work day look I paired it with a long sleeved white poplin and decided that no label was telling me which way to wear my dress.. so I put it on backwards..

BETCHA COULDN’T TELL? No one at work could anyways..

I accessorized with tan, black and gold.. my favourite snake ring and wedges.

I also bought some new polishes and gave myself an at home pedi. Silver underneath and a sparkle topcoat over top.

as always in the summer i kept my makeup minimal, using the body shop shimmer wave bronzer on my eyes and cheeks, and a coat of black mascara.

I added green drop earrings (they’re actually made to look like tiny leaves, cute! ) for a pop of contrasting color.

 simple makeup, simple hair for summer workdays.

Then to take the dress from a day at the office to a night on the town

I removed the shirt and wore it the way its supposed to be worn, which was just slightly too scandalous for the work place, but perfect for a night out.

I put my hair back with a bit more volume and added lipgloss to change it up a bit.

…still need to search to find a bra that works so I can comfortably wear it but for now, I deem this a success!

Whenever I come up with an idea like this, that seems to work out way better than expected I always flash back to one of my favourite movies ever and do this.

if you don’t get it,  I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends…

just kidding! love y’all xoxo. a.

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