lets get real here…

.. even though I’m living back in the country now, Stampede kicking off is still an excellent excuse to slack, so I’m goin’ with it.

SO…. I`m only posting once a week now.. but after this I PROMISE TO STICK TO ONCE A WEEK!  Besides, twice a week is a bit ambitious when I have a full time job and its summer… I mean come on, I have rafting and drinking and rodeo-ing to do.. plus this stuff takes time!  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME ?!? ACTUAL POSTS?! PSHH.


But seriously, In the mean time I won’t be slacking. I think I may have gotten a bit ambitious with my 2 posts per week plan.. I want QUALITY posts, not quantity. Right? So that’s why I teamed up with a friend of mine whose photography you can expect to find up in next Wednesday’s post!! Hint: Its snake themed..


Now, if I go down to less than one post per week its very important that someone give me a shake and tell me “REMEMBER THE DREAMMMMMM!!!” and be dramatic about it too.. drag ‘dream’ out kinda like how Mel Gibson yells ‘freedommmmmmmm’ at the end of Braveheart.
What a badass.


What could possibly be worthy of such melodrama?
The answer to that my friends, is simple:
Yes, its a beautiful dream….
spending my days blogging from my hobbit house which I WILL build even if it takes me 50 years.
Click here (don’t think, just do it!) for my inspiration! http://www.simondale.net/house/index.htm


There is nothing that would complete my life any more than to have my own Simon Dale inspired, Peter Jackson-esque hobbit house on the land I grew up on.  How sick would that be?!! It would be the ultimate retreat, and it would be MY place.. No one else gets to live there (I KNOW I`M SELFISH OKAY, YOU CAN VISIT, BUT ONLY I GET TO LIVE HERE, SORRY BRO, BUILD YOUR OWN.) I would fill it with cats and dogs and fish and maybe bunnies too and my horses would live in a near-by pen.  I would fill it with books, and art and music and tea and delicious, delicious food. It would actually be the greatest thing of all time.. not only that, but maybe we can get a whole Hobbit community going… WHO WOULDN’T WANT THIS? Plus, think of the money you’ll save in the long term! (and the resale value is excellent, this is a GREAT neighbour hood!)


I’ve already got the location all picked out.. floor plans are forming in my mind..
Really though, I think its my just inner hippie coming out.. cause all I wanna do is chill with my pets, in my hobbit house, get baked and do crafts…  If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

before I go, a sneak peek at next week:

hope your summer’s going great, find your dream and make it happen!
(even if it is totally weird and hippy-ish)

peace, a

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