DIY- Denim cutoffs with lace

Once upon a time I bought the most wonderful pair of blue jeans, wore them so often and they served me well.  They were comfortable, just the right wash, had good stretch to them and weren’t even expensive!  It wasn’t their fault when my inner thighs rubbed a hole into them… more like my chocolate bar addictions fault. (I actually have a problem…LEGIT)  Regardless of where the fault lies, I was devastated.

Of course this seems to always happen to my favourite jeans (probably because I wear them so much that they get worn out extra quickly) but its so heartbreaking to lose a great pair to something as insulting as inner thigh chub rub. Thankfully I’m not a minority victim here.. many of my close friends have lamented the loss of a great pair of jeans to the dreaded thigh holes.. but why throw them out when you can make something even more adorable out of them!?

Of course the night after I post about how I’m too busy to post I decide that I have to make these. I’m heading to the Stampede this Saturday and wanted my daisy dukes to have a little somethin’ extra. So here’s as easy DIY for your summer stampede style- Lace cutoffs!

Its easy! Start with those evil holes and then cutstraight across to the other seam ( do this on both sides, obviously.)  Remember when in doubt, leave more and not less material, you can always trim it to look neat after, but its a big pain to try to reattach it, and it never looks the same.

Next find some lace. (Actually you should probably find the lace prior to starting your project but whatevaaa ) You can buy some from a fabric store but I just used an old tablecloth I salvaged from my friend. (I’m a scavenger, so sue me!) Cut it to be the length of the circumference of each pant leg- just measure using the cutoffs.  Turn the shorts inside-out and then pin the lace on in a circle evenly along the bottom, joining the two ends right on that dreaded inner thigh seam. Now sew it on there! With lace make sure you are careful to get it all properly on there, the holes in the fabric pattern can make it difficult to attach it firmly, so with any perceived problem areas simply back-stitch over and carry on your merry way. Make sure you sew the joining ends together quite well, a few extra back-stitches never did anyone any harm and you don’t wanna wear out your shorts next do you!?

Then I cut out pieces of the lace and added pocket detailing (just because I got carried away) I hand stitched those on with white thread.

BEFORE they were ratty skinny jeans, HERE’S THE FINAL RESULT:

So even though I salvaged those, I’ve gotten extremly tired of ruining pants with my own lack of self control.

Whats made the real difference is these POP Pilates Videos, I’ve been using this video to shrink those inner thighs down and it really works! Give it a shot to tone up your legs for summer!

Try it and prepare for thigh pain! But no pain, no gain! Pretend your having as great a time as Cassey! Fake it till you make it baby!

Head over to and check out all of Cassey’s videos and tips! She’s amazing! (and a wordpress user.. so now you gotta do it!)

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