snakes and layers

As promised here are the results of my first shoot with the lovely and talented Stephanie Dale.

Slither into something stylish with animal inspired print and easy layers.

– thats right, I pre-gamed it! –


What I’m Wearing: 

tunic tank, scarf, shoes, bag & belt – le chateau 

Skirt – Suzy Shier 

I got the skirt for a steal of a deal (half price off of the sale  for only $7.50) its been a staple in my closet for awhile, but after forgetting to hang dry it just once, the dryer shrunk it to extra itty bitty. Now I’m all about short skirts, believe me! A friend of mine and I used to joke that our rules for wearing skirts is that if its not above the fingertips, then its NOT short enough! We aren’t mega skankasaurouses or anything, but short girls need short hemlines! I’m 5’5, so fairly average height, but I have very short legs (thanks to my mothers scottishness) and a longer torso.

To fake long legs I rep the high-waisted skirt all the time!

Wearing a high waisted skirt literally looks good on EVERYONE.

Yes, I said it, everyone.  

Since the skirt shrunk its too short even for my standards, so I turned to my favourite layering piece ever,  a tunic length tank. You can see it peeking out at the bottom and on top it looks like a regular tank top.

This thing makes it super easy to fake the longer hemline, and it acts as a slip because its TIGHT. I wear these (they’re available in legit a million colors) under all my shortest dresses, or even tunics or over-sized sweaters to cover the booty and bare the legs. Don’t pay the regular retail price of $25 either, hit up an outlet store because this is a staple piece and they just make new colors every season. Usually you can find them for about $9.99 on sale. There are le chateau outlets in almost any major city center and 4 in Calgary alone!

The key to making a high waist skirt look good is to position it so the waistband of the skirt is at the narrowest part of your waist. Its universally slimming and flattering, add a belt for even more emphasis.

Choose a skirt that fits your body type- super slim? Pick a pencil or a bandage skirt. Bigger on the bottom, try a tulip skirt (like me!) and curvy all over looks best in an a-line. Draping, pleating, print, rushing and ruffles all help hide anything unflattering.

While shooting on the tracks I found a garter snake, he was NOT stoked to be an impromptu prop but its too damn bad for him I’m a bad-ass snake catchin’ mo-fo.

The abstract print on the skirt is fun, but I was feeling a bit safari inspired and wild, so I added a pony hair leopard print belt.

Mixing prints can be tricky, keep color schemes similar and choose complimentary prints. The best way to know if it works is just by trial and error. If you aren’t sure, ask a friend! Or take a pic and message it to me! I’ll let you know what I think.

I did a smokey eye in two shades of metallic green. I used almost the exact same technique as I did here-
 I even used the same dark green shadow, just replace the gold with a light green.

sssssee you ssssssssoon!

xo. a

4 thoughts on “snakes and layers

  1. You and the background are so beautiful. Love the pics!

    I also enjoy high hemlines but never thought of it in a rule. It seems to also depend on how much the skirt flares and how high the waist is pulled (for example, my tight skirt from Urban Outfitters can be worn up to my belly button, even though the dryer shrunk it to 13.5 inches). Can you confirm how long this skirt is now, and how much above the navel it sits?

    • Thank you! These photos were taken in Rosebud, AB
      My skirt also shrunk when i put it though the dryer. now it sits about 2-3 inches above my belly button and is right around the 13″ mark as well.

      I find many women wear their skirts too low to make the best use of this flattering style, your skirt should sit right in the natural curve at the narrowest part of your waist.

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