I love Cedric Diggory

I tried to write a serious post about how thankful I was for all the amazing people in my life, but I think I’m still too drugged up to do ANYTHING that requires the slightest  amount of concentration or focus.




I pretty much spend all day with my little snuggle bun, so I can’t complain too much about how my life is going!

(Actually, I can! I could complain non-stop about how much it sucks to be basically bed ridden in the middle of summer, but whenever I have Ced, all I can think about is HOW ADORABLE HIS LITTLE BUNNY FACE IS! ) And that’s why he’s the best buddy ever- he makes me instantly happy, the second his little bunny whiskers touch my face!

My mom  is the one who dubbed him “therapeutic rodent” but its really true! Is so easy to start feeling sorry for yourself when you’re stuck in bed and hurting and going through painkiller withdrawls and needing constant help with everything, because it sucks! Having something else to focus on (like how much I love Cedric) is the perfect distraction. And its not only his companionship, I know that he loves me too, and that’s a very special thing.  Some people think that animals are stupid and have no souls, I’m pretty sure its actually the other way around in that case.  Just because we can’t always understand them doesn’t make them stupid, and just because we don’t hear it doesn’t mean they don’t tell us they love us.

So to all my family and my friends, even though I may not say it enough, know that I love you, and that I appreciate all you do for me.

To Michelle, who knew that Cedric would be perfect. To Stephanie, for making it happen, and to Steve, for keeping a cool head, being the voice of reason during the crisis, and coming up with the PERFECT name for Cedric (although you weren’t thinking of Harry Potter, but I guess I can let slide). For loading my laptop up with TV shows and movies, with candy and craft supplies, for giving me Cedric (and years ago, Comma Kitty) and for bringing Finley to the hospital, a hammock to my backyard and so much joy to my life. For getting me to the hospital safely, spending time with me, sending flowers and just being there, I owe you guys huge, and I’m so glad it was you who were there for me when it happened. Michelle, and Stephanie, you are my two oldest friends and the kind that years can pass between us without a visit but our friendship will always be the same.

To everyone else who came to visit, sent flowers, cards and well wishes, I appreciate every one of you and every kind word and gesture. At times of crisis, you find out who people really are, and I was reminded that I have amazing friends, and even more amazing family.

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