arm candy


Maybe its because my phone is malfunctioning constantly, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about just throwing it out the window and spending the money instead on a beautiful watch. Its a nice dream.. freedom from the phone and pretty things- I’d call that win-win. Its not really realistic though, so instead I’ve just been drooling over them on pinterest and online window shopping.

What has truly caught my eye and got me completely hooked are

the charm wrap watches from La Mer Collections!

Going through their website I felt like I had actually died an gone to heaven..

I want this one! No, this one! Wait, this one!  ZOMG WHICH ONE?!

(see one you want? just click it!)

The runner up:

After great deliberation this is “the one”


portofino nautical charm watch

In my excitement I decide I must acquire this watch post-haste! Its in the shopping cart and I am reaching for my wallet before I recall that I got laid off and crippled in the span of 3 months and perhaps it would be best to exercise some restraint. Lousy reality sets in and I am sad.. so I decide to keep pretend shopping and make all sorts of customized watches, before I decide I still like “the one” the best and nothing can compare. So while reality may be forcing me to pay for things like my car, school, my phone.. someday I shall buy myself the “one” watch and then I shall feel momentary complete before I find the next must-have item.

In the meantime I recommend you check them out! Let me know which one is your favorite and have some fun customizing your own until your heart is content!

As well if you shop now (because the world likes to rub in my face the things I cannot have) check out using the code CAPETOWN2012 and get 25% off!! (Ends 9/05 at Midnight!!)

-xo, aiyanajane

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