DIY Arm Candy

Not very long ago I posted about how I was dying to have this La Mer charm watch. Too bad for me the one I want is $165- not really a whole lot for a watch, but in the span of 3 months I got laid off and crippled.. meaning I barely worked, and so do not exactly have the coin to drop on a novelty item.. no matter how beautiful!

So I was going to bide my time, save up a bit and then treat myself.. but I wanted it NOW!!! Patience… some say its a virtue, but personally I think being impatient has its benefits as well. For example, ever since I laid eyes on that watch (and it was weeks ago by now) I have been consumed with a desire to posses it that I haven’t felt in ages. Frustrated with my lack of funds, I decided that I was going to have a charm watch no matter what. The idea had been simmering in the back of my mind for weeks and finally I decided I could wait no longer and I was making my own.

I used a piece of leather I salvaged off of one of my old western saddles. If you don’t ride, find someone who does and steal their straps.. HAHA only kidding! Find a more legit way to acquire a leather strap for your watch. I soaked it and conditioned it with leather conditioner since it was looking pretty haggard prior to its extreme makeover! Then I went to my jewelry stash.. I used a necklace I had bought from Aldo ages ago because it had lots of cute little charms but I never wear it anymore. I also used some old earrings that I’ve been hanging onto forever in the hopes that one day their counterpart might return to me. I attached the charms using the chain from the necklace and some pliers. Truthfully it was quite a nit-picky endeavor  because I wanted all the charms to line up “just so” but it was not to be. What I realized is the more moving pieces the better- use one chain to attach your charms and allow them to slide. This way they don’t get stuck when you wrap the leather and you can move them around and arrange them to your liking. Next I just bought a cheap watch from Walmart that came with a matching bracelet. Stack it all together and I’m pretty proud of the watch I cobbled together for less than $20!

i’m wearing:
shoes – ardenes
shirt, purse, scarf – le chateau
sunglasses – the source for sports
jeans – american eagle, from trends kensington
rings – manana imports calgary, the scottish shoppe

xox, a

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