I am thankful

This holiday weekend I was lucky enough to spend with my family, I hope you all can say the same. More than anything else in this world I am thankful for my family. I feel like they make me better as a person and love me even at my worst. This year has been one of big changes for me, and I am thankful to have had the strength to overcome the challenges and the support to get through it.

Life is an infinite struggle; one we must all face. It is how we approach our challenges that will define who we are. In times of hardship look for the things that keep you grounded, whole. Find out who you are and what you love and live without apologizing for it. Find people who love you as you are, find places you love with all your heart, find passion and adventure and do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to grow old, or to die young; live in a way that you can be proud of. Live for you. And remember that each breath must not be taken for granted, each step, each sight and sound and smell; it is a fleeting moment in time, do not let it pass you by unnoticed.

The smell of rain, the light of the stars, the sound of a breeze through the leaves, the taste of a kiss. In these moments you must focus; be present in your life, not an observer. You always have a choice, and you can always make a change. If you are unhappy, then you need to change something, don’t wait around hoping something will change.

It is so important to keep your perspective. When was the last time you stopped to watch the stars? It’s easy to be so caught up in your busy life that you forget that it’s just life and it doesn’t need to be taken seriously all the time. Enjoy what time you have here, do not waste it on petty arguments or materialistic gains, make time for what’s really important. If there are people in your life making you unhappy then you are responsible for changing that. There are billions of people on this earth; don’t waste your time on the ones who try to dull your shine but surround yourself with people who sparkle and together your light will brighten anything it touches.

Do not take any moment for granted- and never forget what you are lucky enough to have. Most importantly, do not take the people you love for granted but show them your appreciation every day; if there are people who mistreat you, show them the door and let them see what they’re missing.

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