beat winter blues

Hello my lovelies,

Remember how I was all STAY POSITIVE, ITS FALL.. last month? Well I live in Alberta, and despite the fact that winter isn’t supposed to arrive until December 21st ITS WINTER NOW and I am super unimpressed. In fact I legitimately believe I have seasonal affective disorder.

There are a multitude of reasons why I hate winter but its mostly because every time it gets too cold, I get sick.  The snow and the cold combined make me hide in bed under the blankets. Then I sit on my computer and  I click though all these beautiful fashion blogs, and you know what, most of the time- ITS SUNNY AND DRY. ihatechu. Meanwhile I am inside, sick, stuffed up and hating the world through frosty windows.

The other problem is fashion takes the back burner when there are 2 foot snow drifts to wade through, cars to scrape and a high chance of getting stuck and having to dig yourself out in the freezing cold. Oh the joys of winter! So many cute clothes to wear, but its too cold to wear most of them! How I wish I lived in California, my style would be so much different if I wasn’t hindered by practicality.

I feel like winter just puts me into a funk. I feel angrier about every single thing, because suddenly the simplest tasks (like say, going to water my horses) are no longer enjoyable, but rather an unpleasant grueling battle against the elements. Alberta winters are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting, and if you disagree, you are wrong. End of story.

When I find myself stuck in this mental quagmire of anger and irritation, I try to remember this:

work out and feel better

Make this your mantra then put on some tunes and get moving!
Music and endorphin’s are a killer combination to boost your mood! 

This last year I’ve been focusing a lot more on my fitness, and I’ve been much happier for it! Not just because the pounds have been coming off, but because I have more energy, feel better, and my body is under my control. I recently read a post that really resonated with me, I strongly encourage you to read Emma’s top five fitness tips here! I swear if she hadn’t put it down first, I would have written the exact same advice!

For me I try to work out at least 4 x a week. Often I do less, occasionally I do more, it just depends on what’s going on around me. One of my favorite ways to get active was doing yoga outside, if you live somewhere where this is possible then get out there and try it! Yoga and Pilates have been my go-to’s forever, there are lots of great online resources to use (blogilates is my favourite!) so you can get fit at home for free! I could go on for days about the benefits of yoga but it seems like everyone already knows about them! So the only question is, why isn’t everyone doing it?!

My other love is swimming, which is proven to be one of the best exercises for you and is an excellent skill to have just in case! For me personally, I saw the tremendous benefits this summer while I was recovering from my broken pelvis. I healed weeks faster than the doctors anticipated and I believe it had a great deal to do with the swimming I had been doing prior to my injury and as rehab afterwards. The first thing I asked my doctor was how soon I could be in the pool- as soon as it was clear I was hobbling to the pool on my walker four times a week!  Check out your local pool for lane swimming times, or lessons if you don’t know how- its never too late to learn!

Finally, one of the biggest things for my fitness motivation is having a buddy, my brother and I work out together at least twice a week! Make fitness a priority in your family to be healthy for life! Having someone there to push you, remind you of your goals, and just have fun with makes working out that much easier. My other main source of motivation is Pinterest where there are TONS of workout ideas and motivational quotes! I also follow some great fitness blogs like Joy Fitness and Style.

So even though I sometimes have to literally FORCE myself out of my warm blankies and into my workout gear, as soon as I get going I enjoy it, and as soon as I’m done I feel like a whole different person! If you haven’t found that motivation up until now, then make today the day!

xo, a

3 thoughts on “beat winter blues

  1. Totally agree about the benefits of exercise. I would also say that if you get the opportunity then get involved in a team sport, any team sport. It not only provides motivation to stay fit but adrenalin, camaraderie and close friends and an extended social life.

  2. I’ve been on a work out kick too – I’m just now trying to change my time for working out since I’ve taken on more work during the day. It mean’s I’ll be loosing my buddy system but I’m going to give it a try anyway!

    • Keep yourself motivated- I’m sure you can do it! The buddy system helps give you a kick in the butt on the days you need it, but if you get in the habit, you’ll soon be your own workout coach!
      i like working out alone anyways, then there is no one to impress! (or judge your sweatyness!)

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