Sunday Motivation

This morning I woke up and I could see!! I felt so grateful that I was able to open my eyes (both of them!) and see clearly! It felt like a miracle! (But it wasn’t) Normally I wake up and entirely take for granted the fact that I can see, I just get up and continue with my day without ever thinking; “wow, its super rad to be able to see stuff.” But not today.

Its easy to take what you have for granted until you don’t have it anymore.

 Normally on Sundays if I get out of bed before noon I already consider the day a failure, but when I woke up at 8 AM this morning I felt super well rested because yesterday all I did was nap! Having wasted a full 24 hours of my life the day before, as soon as I realized I could see, I was out of bed and started the day with a workout. It felt amazing! I am usually an evening workout person, ( I’m a night owl, not an early bird) but being able to get up and move this morning felt so great!

This is a general idea of what one of my workouts looks like, give it a shot!

yoga, pilates, weights

The reason I felt so thankful when I woke up this Sunday and could SEE was because I spent all of Saturday half blind and completely miserable. On Friday night I went out for Halloween dressed as Selene (from the Underworld series) complete with colored contacts. By Saturday in the early AM hours my eyes were killing me! I only wear reading glasses, and had never before worn contacts, how do people stand this pain!?! I took them out and thought that the pain would go away, but boy was I wrong! I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I think I got something in my right eye, and it was stuck in there for a long time, like until half way through Saturday when I fished out an unidentified yellow object. Again, at this point I thought my problems were solved but I believe that UYO was in there long enough to cut the eyelid a bit and for that to get infected (TMI?) forming a small bump/cyst/sty. THE MAIN POINT BEING IT WAS ON THE INSIDE OF MY EYELID AND IT HURT. So all day Saturday it felt like something was scratching across my eyeball which caused me a great deal of discomfort and I was fairly vocal about it.

I refused the hospital, sometimes (like when you break your pelvis) you gotta go, but mostly I prefer to self medicate. Or in this case, I came home to my mom, begged her to help me and together we decided to put antibiotic eye cream in and hope for the best. Our hesitation was because its an antibiotic eye cream that we have for the cows… but hey, desperate times! That’s how you know you’re from the country… “Doctor? Nahh, just stick that cow gooo in there and sleep it off” But it worked! Thank god! Because I’m sure going to the ER on the Saturday night prior to Halloween when the roads are slick with ice with nothing but “there’s something in my eye”  would have resulted in a few eye rolls from the ER nurses and a very long wait time! Anyways, the point is, Saturday was a miserable time so Sunday was better just by virtue of not having my own body stab me in the eye all day long! Its the little things.


let me know if you try it! its a killer! xo, a

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