workout, eat cake, repeat

It was an absolutely beautiful day in the city yesterday, by Calgary in the  middle of November standards anyways.. something like 6 degrees! It might as well be a sauna. I spent the day relaxing, reading on the deck, catching up on my laundry and getting organized for my first day of school *tear* and job interviews afterwards. But first, I worked out using this routine in my fancy yoga room! It was so lovely I finished with some light yoga outside to cool down.

 Then onto a healthy *cough* breakfast of mini Christmas oranges, earl grey tea and Skor red velvet cake. Yeah, I’m going to let that sink in. SKOR RED VELVET CAKE. This is why I work out you guys, because I legitimately have the biggest sweet-tooth of all time. My friends make fun of me because I always have candy in my purse, and cake in my fridge, but I believe in the little indulgences. Dieting has never been my thing, restricting myself from comfort food makes me sad. Chocolate makes me happy. So everything in moderation, I say!

xo, a

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