TOP 5 Winter Essentials



cute, comfortable and warm!  pairs perfectly with a solid colored sweater for those chilly morning classes. If you aren’t comfortable ordering online, Aritzia carries the most adorable TNA pair.


Look for one with cashmere or angora and a relaxed fit- you want it to drape loosely over the body. You might have to try a few lemons before you find the right sweater, but its value as a layering piece makes it worth it! I love this option from Victoria’s Secret- they have reasonable shipping and a great return policy!


An easy layering piece that keeps you warm, doubles as a scarf and a hood (resulting in possibly the dumbest name ever, the snood) and is perfect to instantly at interest to any outfit. Shop vintage for real fur, or hit the mall for a faux option- mine is from le chateau.


All those holiday parties and events can be costly, and God forbid you show up in the same dress as someone else! Avoid embarrassment and save money by finding a cute party skirt and pairing it with a blouse you already own, rather than shelling out for a new dress! A skirt with volume (pleats, peplum, a-line) worn at the natural waist (the smallest part of your mid-section) will flatter and hide any turkey bloat!

1. Dress Jacket

Every woman needs to invest in a wool melton jacket, this is a piece that will last  you for years, so shop carefully and be willing to spend for higher quality- you’ll save money down the road. Consider the climate in your area, if it goes much below freezing then make sure the jacket has wool in it, this natural fiber is super strong, insulating and naturally water repellent. Cashmere or angora will often be blended with wool for softness, the higher percentage of cashmere, the softer it will be! Always before you buy check the inside fabric label for material and care information.  Don’t buy it too tight, make sure you have freedom of movement in the arms (ask yourself, could you drive easily while wearing it?) and that it doesn’t pull across the bust, bum or stomach. You should have room to wear a thick sweater or blazer underneath, these coats are much warmer with layers of knits underneath! Remember to check for quality in the tailoring; the buttons firmly affixed, seams are not crooked or loose, jacket is lined, structured and fitted nicely to the natural contours of the body.  Remember that the more of your body you have covered, the warmer you will be (it seems obvious, but its easy to get caught up looking for fashion over function) try a jacket that hits a few inches above the knee.  Details like belts, peplum and pleating around the waist will give you shape, and a jacket with a tie belt can be instantly updated by swapping it out for a statement belt of your own. Black goes with everything, so if you don’t have a black jacket yet, then get one! If you already have a black coat, then stand out in the shades of grey this winter by wearing a pop of color! If you buy a color that you love, you will wear the jacket for years, so don’t be afraid of buying any color your heart desires! Navy, olive, off white, eggplant and red are all great options.

what are the essentials in your winter wardrobe?

xo, a

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