so far this DECEMBER

instaweek 8-12-12Sometimes i feel like all i do is complain about my injuries.. but i have been on a streak. these last two weeks have been no exception, now you see why there have been no outfit posts of late… black eyes are not chic.

1 –  I gave myself a black eye by trying to use a spinning chair as something to lean on.. I guess curly hair helps hide black eyes?  2 –  Cedric snuggles make me feel better.  3 – Dried flowers and feathers in the hanging planter on my deck.  4 – My roommate knit me this hat! I love it! I’m wearing more makeup than I ever do, hiding my bruises for work- remember to tip your waitress this holiday season!  5 – My kitties are bad, climbing up on the table!  6 – They are also ninjas.. I looked back and they had silently switched positions. it was wierd~  7 –  reading my horoscope while waiting in the doctors office for x-rays on my elbow (I fell down the stairs) …it seemed pretty accurate.  8 – I bought some new sunnies, as the black eye stays firmly in place all week.  9 – Bird feeders in the snowy trees, beautiful. Thank god for Chinooks, or Calgary winter would be unbearable.  10 – Redecorating; I got some new fishies, and covered my lamp with a cherry blossom pashmina.  11- More snuggles with Cedric, he is honestly the sweetest, I’m so thankful to have him.  12-  Missing my girls, won’t get to see them until Christmas. ❤

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