HERE’S MY “NICE” LIST! i swear i was good this year!

 the holidays are upon us, and everyone is out in droves frantically searching for the perfect gifts!  { save time & shop online- photos link to retailers}

chichime bracelet arm candychunky knit crocheted infinity scarf circle

canon EOS rebel t3 I usually put the little treats I drool over onto my Christmas list, they may not be all perfectly practical (although I LOVE the 2 in 1 iPhone case + wallet ), but they’re the things that would be oh so lovely to have.

What’s on your holiday list this season?

2 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. While the wallet / iPhone holder is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, its unintended consequence is that your entire urban survival kit (Money, ID, Contact device) is more vulnerable to loss or theft which could be REALLY inconvenient.

    • True, but for myself I feel having the most important things together will make me all the more determined to keep it safe and sound. Rather than trying to keep track of everything separately all I need to hold on to is my phone/wallet, and since my phone is almost always with me, the hope is that I will stop forgetting my wallet.

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