What I Wore – Equestrian Blazer

I wish I could have taken better photos of this blazer, but my roommate and I were in a bit of a hurry, we we’re celebrating the moving out of our other roommate who we did not like. I may have done a happy dance in his empty room while we took these photos!

I love this blazer, like ridiculously a lot. I think that I get more joy out of shopping than anyone else I know, I first laid eyes on this blazer over two years ago, while working at Le Chateau. It never came into my store, so I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t get a discount and it was like.. $250? Way too much on my budget! Then le chateau decided to lay me off instead of transferring me to another store like they said they would, so with no discount and a great deal of personal displeasure, I boycotted the store for awhile… the blazer would have to wait. Fast-forward to this Christmas, my boy gave me a gift card to le shit, since he knows I still love their clothes despite loathing the company itself. My best friend (and aforementioned roommate) works for le chateau now (despite my warnings!) but she hooked me up with her friends and family 50% discount, and I tracked down my beloved blazer to the outlet in Westhills. Finally after 2 years of wanting and waiting- the blazer was mine, for a marvelous price of $50.

WHAT I WORE~ Wool Blazer, Silk Tank, Silk Scarf – Le Chateau ~ Denim- American Eagle, thrifted at Trends, Kensington ~ Boots – Jessica Simpson, online from Victoria’s Secret.

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