the perfect beanie

Living in Calgary means I spend 85% of my year in temperatures I consider to be too cold… this is unfortunate. Another thing about me- I hate doing my hair, I’m lazy, especially in the grow out phase.. In light of those two things, half the time I throw on a toque and forget about it. Sadly they aren’t “office appropriate”… also unfortunate. Fortunately, the rest of the time, toques exist!

My favourite hat to wear right now is the slouchy toque.. beanie..cap.. hat.. whatever you want to call it- the point is its that perfect cozy knit, with just the right amount of detail and slouch. This style can go horribly awry, or maybe I’m just overly picky, however it takes me months to find the perfect topper sometimes. Just the right color, texture, fabric, price.. etc etc etc.

I had one that I absolutely LOVED. It was reversible.. I lost it shortly after this post– before the first snow even fell 😦

horseshoe canyon view - girl in perfect slouchy hat

you are missed lovely toque.. I hope you warm a hobo’s head somewhere…

Suffice to say, I was pretty choked when I lost it… I mean I lost it back in the beginning of October and I STILL won’t shut up about it. But it was just perfect you know!? Well now I can look back on it and fondly remember its glory, because I found a new perfect slouchy hat! I’m totally obsessed with it!! Right now is the BEST time to shop winter accessories, all the stores have their fall/winter on mega clearance. Late February (not boxing day) is the best time to shop fall/winter clothing sales. I got this toque from le chateau for $9.99!

the perfect slouchy hat

no hair do, no makeup, just toque-y goodness.. gotta love that! xo, aiyanajane

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