instaUPDATE – photoshoot edition

So even though I complained about it constantly, I never actually explained how I got sick! I was outside for quite a while on a chillier than anticipated day helping with this shoot, good thing the photos turned out so nice or I would have been even more miserable about it. Moral of the story, don’t wear low rider chucks without socks when going to the mountains in February. DERP. I blame not knowing where the location was but really its just that I hate socks  >.< 

 Last Sunday I helped out my beautiful and talented (hairstylist and makeup artist) friend Kay-lee with a “gothic teaparty” concept shoot.. Every time I chill with her the urge to dye my hair blue grows!! Anyways, even though its a bit out of touch with my usual style I had a blast styling and working with her and the team! 

pre-shoot prep spray painting props || yeah, we did it inside.. it was fumetastic

did we just become best friends!? YUP || on the way to our location

not nearly warm enough even wearing an extra over coat. ||

in between takes || get your coats girls its a bit nippley out || gothic teaparty

slightly warmer || still freezing cold || still smiling

pro shot || anthony yuen photo || calgary

cara mae || photo – anthony yuen|| makeup – kaylee pearce || 

sarah ramen || photo – anothony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce ||

mackenzie || photo – anthony yuen || makeup – kaylee pearce || styling aiyanajane

a beautiful creative team || gothic teaparty || cara mae || sarah ramen || kaylee snow || aiyana jane || mackenzie || anthony yuen

Even though it ended in me being sick for a week and counting, I had a lovely time working with this amazing group!! For hair styling and makeup artistry be sure to check out the lovely and talented kaylee pearce on her youtube channel or her facebook page. As well, for more great photos, be sure to check out Anthony Yuen on facebook!

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