I had a great time shooting with my BFF, twirling around in my cape, feeling a little like Blair Waldorf and pretending Calgary is New York. (New Yorker’s like to complain about winter, I would like to note that Calgary is generally about 20° colder.)  It was freezing out taking these right as a storm was coming in. Such lovely weather we have here, so stay inside and maybe catch a flick.  What better outfit to wear out than a cape, liquid leggings and boots? Simple and chic. I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of these photos! 

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in New York on the set of Gossip Girl


Emerald City – “You’re Golden Cape” in green by Steve Madden

Oz, the Great and Powerful is released today… inspiring my title, and while my city may not really be Emerald, it did seem a little magical.  March in Calgary means lots of white but temperatures do start rise, the light lasts longer and green slowly but surly starts sneaking though!  Even though I’m not actually headed to see that movie… I like my James Franco a little less child friendly and a little more smoldering.

Enjoy the weekend girls, think of beautiful things!

Read the full post here for more photos!

always, aiyana

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