Cobalt Blue and Stormy Skies

Cobalt & Stormy Skies

Kimono Blazer, leather leggings and silver leopard print accessories liquid leather leggings by ARDENE  ||  blazer, top, shoes, sunnies and clutch by LeCHATEAU  || elephant ring by F21

Spring time in Calgary is a really weird season. For example, it might decide to start storming in the middle of a perfectly nice day and 2 hours later be bright and sunny again! Its super unpredictable- fortunately you can really feel the difference now that it is officially spring.  No matter how the snow tries, it can’t keep its grip and the grass is sneaking through! I cannot wait for summer and some color in the landscape again. This top I’m wearing reminds me of a snowstorm, I love the abstract print on the silky blouse. A muted silver leopard print on the shoes and matching clutch plays up the pattern even more, while still keeping the outfit neutral. Liquid leggings have been my go-to lately, these ones are getting a bit stretched out by now, but I love how the shine adds a little bit more polish to any outfit.  This shade of blue is my all time favourite color, and I love wearing it whenever I can. The open kimono blazer and the bright color are totally on trend for spring, I love how well this blazer is tailored! Kimono or water fall front blazers are great if you have a large bust, or find your waistline fluctuating because you can wear them as long as they fit in the shoulders!

xo, aiyanajane

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