Happy Easter from Cedric Bunny!

Happy Easter from Cedric Diggory & City Style Country Smile

Happy Easter to all of you lovely readers, I hope your weekend is full of family, food, and snuggles… but most importantly, a ton of chocolate!  This is about 1/100th of my Cedric pictures… I tell people I am obsessed with him, but I’m quite certain they don’t fully understand the level of my devotion. Everyone who meets him says he’s the nicest bunny ever- I try to explain that all bunnies have the potential to be this nice, you just have to spend every waking moment with them! Legit a dwarf bunny is the best pet you can have as a transient student like myself.   So many people get a cat or dog without realizing the commitment or damage they can cause- get a bunny, all the fluffy goodness, no vocalizations and they live in a cage and can be litter trained! I’m so thankful for Cedric every single day and with it being Easter I figured what better time than to share an excessive amount of Cedric Diggory photos?! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend my lovelies!

xo, aiyanajane

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter from Cedric Bunny!

  1. I am in love with your bunny!!! I used to own two bunnies but one ran away and one sadly died a couple of years ago but I looved them! I really want to own a new little fluffy friend like Cedric! So adorable! Happy Easter!

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