au naturel

summer essentials - la mer watch, aviators, lace, leopard and boyfriend jeans

|| boyfriend jeans by mavi  || leopard heels, fur trim vest, cardigan, green lace top by le chateau  ||  beach stone wrap watch by la mer ||  cross body bag by co-lab  ||  white lace top, floral bustier by sirens ||

If there is one thing I believe in with my whole heart, its that nature has already provided everything we could ever need.  For this outfit I put together all different natural elements – fur, leather, stones, floral, pony hair and leopard print.  In general, I figure if it happens naturally, you can’t really go too far wrong! What do you think?

I’m still really loving these boyfriend jeans. Part of me wants to DIY destroy them but I can’t bring myself to do it because the wash is so nice and they’re such great quality- I think I’ll let them wear out naturally a bit. These are a more polished take on boyfriend denim than a destroyed pair so I can get away with wearing them to the office – I love how cuffed denim perfectly showcases a great pair of shoes, and these are my go-to heels for day or night.

Speaking of go-to, lately I have been layering this vest over everything!  I just love how it pairs with almost anything, the pretty lace and fur trim take the olive green knit up a notch.  The weather in Calgary is so temperamental – easy layering pieces are absolutely essential – a thin cardigan and a vest are just enough to add enough warmth to the cold mornings.  Underneath I wore a floral bustier – another total spring/summer essential, and layered two different lace tops over it- an olive green one under white.  I love the how delicate the lace looks over the floral.

I’m still really stoked about winning this La Mer watch for earth day- as a big fan of the earth (and the brand) I built this outfit around this watch. Usually when I get dressed I pick a single piece to base my outfit around, I love the soft sage leather with the stones and gold – its just so naturally pretty.

“The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
–  Yves Saint Laurent

I really believe in embracing your natural beauty – if you see photo’s on the blog where I am wearing sunglasses it usually means I am wearing zero makeup.  I don’t usually wear much makeup, especially not to work when I have to be staring at a computer screen all day.  I really wish more girls were comfortable with going out without makeup- the most unfortunate lie we let ourselves believe as girls, is that we need makeup to make us attractive.  

Accept yourself- it’s the most beautiful thing you can ever do. Find your passions, follow your heart and fight for your convictions.  Do not live your life according to the standards of anyone but yourself, and do not let hardships break you. And always remember, a smile is the most beautiful makeup a girl can wear.

xo, aiyanajane

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6 thoughts on “au naturel

  1. Awww your words on makeup are so inspiring. I usually wear makeup all the time, I have been toning it down a lot more recently since the sun came out for a bit in the uk. I really wish I had the confidence to stop wearing it completely (but I have a lot of spots) 😉

    • I think the key is to do it gradually. I’ve never worn a great deal of makeup but I did go through a phase (like for years) where I wouldn’t go out in public without at least mascara.
      The thing is when you wear it every day you get used to looking at a face that isn’t really you and forget that your real face is beautiful too. So if you gradually minimize your makeup routine, or try maybe a day a week without it, eventually you get used to looking in the mirror and really liking what you see inside.

      • Awww thats such a lovely thing to say, think you should mention that you don’t wear much makeup in your posts more often. I didn’t realise until you said it as you look so lovely whether you are wearing it or not 🙂 I think I shall have to try wearing less for sure, I am going on holiday in August and that always helps as I am mostly on the beach or in the pool so theres no point in wearing any. Thanks for the wise words 🙂

      • I will totally do that! I am a swimmer and used to be a lifeguard and something about summer just begs for a fresh face so it’s the perfect time to start fresh!!

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