Home Made Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese

Easy BreakfastI’m in the home stretch of school now (7 days…) so I haven’t had much time, especially in the morning. (So not a morning person.)  I love bagels because they are the perfect grab and go food.  One day I shall go to New York and sample all their marvelous bagels.  Until then, I make my own herb and garlic cream cheese.  I know, you can just buy it in the store, it sits right next to the plain cream cheese – but I like everything better when its home made.  I try to avoid eating as much processed food and unnecessary additives as possible, so by adding my own spices to plain cream cheese I avoid a whole lot of questionable additions to my digestive system.

You can really use whatever you like for spices, that’s the great thing about it – you can use all your favourites!  I LOVE spicy food, so I used lots of Chili flakes, a little dill tones down the spice and some oregano just because I love it.  I also use at least one big clove of garlic diced as well, the more garlic the better!

Buy a big tub of cream cheese and dig yourself a hole to pour the spice mixture into. Dice up the garlic (you could add green onions too, yum!) and add spices to taste, I used about a table spoon of each spice (a bit more of the chili flakes) mix well and spread it on your bagel, my favourite is kind everything. For a little protein I’ll add a slice of black forest ham – a breakfast with carbs and protein is essential for me to start my day off non-grumpy.  This mixture lasts me a few weeks and really spices up my breakfast bagel! 

xo, aiyanajane


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