summer & life begins over


denim, linen blazer, and heels by le chateau  ||  blouse by smart set ||  sunnies by rayban

Happy Friday everyone!! What are your weekend plans?  I’m hoping to spend lots of time outside and go see The Great Gatsby this weekend, but first I wanted to reread the book.  I can’t wait to see this movie, Carey Mulligan has been my girl crush for ages and I cannot wait to just drool over all the costumes and glitz and glamour.  It’s gonna be gorgeous, darling.  Have you seen it yet, what did you think??

I’ve taken to dressing up my basics lately – a blazer and dark denim are such a simple go-to for me, wearing an all too familiar color scheme by now in shades of blue and grey.  A pretty detail I can never resist is rosettes, they just add such femininity to any outfit, this top has been a long time favourite of mine.  A linen blazer over the light tank keeps it cool enough for the warm weather, but professional enough for the office.  I get away with wearing denim nearly every day to work – a dark wash pair can be so versatile, especially when paired with heels.  I actually loathe most dress pants (ill-fitting and uncomfortable things that they are) and would much rather wear jeans and a blazer than dress pants and a blouse. For those of you who only get to wear denim on Casual Friday, I feel for you, truly.

I’ve been so busy finishing up school, working, and helping out my family, May is just flying by! Only 3 days of classes left, and 9 days until I leave for Denmark, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  Honestly this quote is just exactly how life feels right now- suddenly Calgary is green, there are flowers (like, outside!), people are happy again.  Its beautiful, and its all rushing by so quickly!  I snapped a few shots for you, and now time to sit back and enjoy what summer is meant for- reading books in the grass under the trees.  What does summer mean to you, any favourite summer reads?

xo, aiyanajane

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7 thoughts on “summer & life begins over

    • It’s my dads old copy! He’s the one who gave me my love for reading, and he’s a bit of an elitist when it comes to books!

      Thanks I love rosettes, they’re just so pretty and blue grey is my go-to color scheme, especially lately.

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