instaUPDATE – Denmark

just putting the “class” into the business class lounge after a few too many at the graduation

I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know if I’ll be back again.

Amsterdam security was impressed by my fancy new passport, I was impressed by my leg room.

made it safe and sound, picking up our rental car (unfortunately, not that awesome van)

my grandparents were scared to let me drive at first but now I’m the chauffeur – no more car selfie’s!

after being up for the last 24 + hours.. finally got a shower and some sun, trying to kick the jetlag.

we live on front porches and swing life away… we get by just fine here… [rise against – swing life away]

the best part about Denmark is that there are flowers everywhere you look!

if perfection exists, its found in these moments with sun on your skin and grass under foot.

the cutest little snail, and would you believe #nofilter but the sunlight through the leaves

people watching and window shopping in Vejle

I rolled my ankle running through these woods.. too distracted by all the pretty.

I’m a tree-hugger and proud of it! If only everyone was, imagine what a beautiful world we might live in.

natural beauty every where I look – wove a daisy onto brass branch ring

loving this shade of pink and how light my hair is getting in the sun

finally reunited with my soul sister after five years and so many miles.

no matter how chilly, I’ve never been on to stay on the beach. not when the ocean calls.

everybody loves chuck taylor… everyone else keeps theirs cleaner. I’ve worn a hole in the sole of mine..

At my cousin’s housewarming party, getting Danish drunk off the beer of kings – Tuborg.

…and then we followed it up with bottle service at the club… as always in my trusty drinking shoes.

toes in the sand, chucks in my hand.. okay, this is paradise, for real.

I could stay like this forever, on the edge of eternity.

souvenirs from the sea

I’m never happier than when I’m in the water..   

Denmark is such an amazing country… I am actually plotting how to stay forever.  Everything is green and covered in flowers right now, the Danish summer is SO beautiful.  I have been visiting endless relatives, each one more determined to stuff me with deliciousness than the last.  Last time we were in Denmark it was all we could talk about when we got home, how many delicious things there were to eat, and its not much different this time around!  Seriously it will be a miracle if I don’t gain 20lbs.  I’ve spent the last few days with Andrea, who’s grandfather is my grandmothers brother.  I just call her my soul sister cause its got a better ring to it, and because I so often wish for a sister, I feel like she’s the closest thing I have… even though she’s normally so far away.  Its really special to be able to spend time with her again, of everyone in my family she’s the one who reminds me the most of myself. Follow her blog if you aren’t already, she’s way more disciplined than I am and has lots of great fashion, fitness and food tips every day!   We have a few more days left here, although today we leave the coast and my heart breaks a little – we are staying in the most beautiful house.  I have a zillion photo’s that aren’t from instagram, I’ll put those up in a little while, but for now I’m just soaking it all in!

xo, aiyanajane

9 thoughts on “instaUPDATE – Denmark

      • Haha! 🙂 You’re very welcome here! Sweden is really lovely. Next time you’re in Denmark, make sure you visit the Swedish west coast and Gothenburg too. Stockholm is also a REALLY beautiful town. I moved to Sthlm 8 years ago, coming from a really small town on the south-east coast. I spent my childhood summers in the archipelago. Very beautiful indeed. Going for some vacation to my parents this summer too and will provide lovely pics from there as well. I’m SO happy summer is finally here!!

  1. So beautiful, dear. Glad you had fun and so sorry you are far away from your family had soul sister…it must be hard to not be able to visit Korea often because of the distance 😦

    • it can be hard, but through the blog we can keep up even if we dont get to speak in person. I’m still hoping for my letter from hogwarts so I can learn to disapparate.. then I can see her whenever!

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