Calgary – For our Tomorrow

video by Bradley Stuckell

 For organized volunteer opportunities visit

girls after my own heart in sunnyside/ kensington

 “Before I head into my next briefing, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned up at McMahon Stadium this morning. We asked for 600 and thousands turned up. We know that many more are out helping their friends and neighbours clean up the damage the flood has left behind. Please know that this is just the first of many volunteer opportunities, so if you weren’t able to be part of this one, sit tight. We will be asking for help again soon.” Naheed Nenshi 


“Soaks up flood water without a single nap.”

I was basically going to write exactly this post but it seems someone has beat me to it: Why Calgary Loves  Mayor Nenshi.

Moral of the story is the guy is a boss and Calgary is full of amazingly resilient and resourceful people.

We will rebuild together.

Some of the snapshots from around the city show that Calgary is hardly beaten, we can find ways to laugh and move forward with hope.   I’m still feeling a little torn about this post and hoping that everyone understood that I was only making a cultural observation based on my current situation, and not trying to minimize in any way what has happened here.  For all my complaining, Calgary is home and I really do love the spirit of this city.  People here are ready to help each other, and it is the hard times that will bring us together.   I sometimes fear that’s where our society is headed- after so long in the mindset “me against the world” perhaps the world will strike back so that as men we band together towards a greater purpose.  With everything in life I like to remind myself that every act has greater purpose.  You cannot see the purpose in the midst of the pain, but in retrospect, we will have come though this having learned more about ourselves as Calgarians, as Albertans, as human beings. We will come through stronger, and perhaps we will take away some new knowledge from this devastation that may allow us, or future generations to preemptively act. [UPDATE:  HERE – it’s like I agree with the scientists about climate change or something ]   As for today,  in the social media age it is extremely easy to find ways to volunteer or donate, so please do your part to help Albertan’s!  On that note, I’m off to start cleaning up!

xo, aiyanajane

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