Life’s a Beach

IMG_6659ethnic accessories striped boat shoessunnies + sneakers by ARDENE  ||  bag  Mañana Imports  || modal tank +  vest LeCHATEAU  ||  denim BLUENOTES  ||  watch LA MER COLLECTIONS

Life’s always a little behind in the blogging world, but these are particularly late, I blame moving week stress! These shots are from last week when it would not stop raining in Calgary.  I dunno if you heard.. onto the outfit! With all the doom and gloom I was craving color so I mixed in bright stripes, while using khaki green as a neutral.  This vest has to be one of the most wearable pieces I own, it’s the perfect layer for transitional weather.  Layered over two of my favourite basics for comfort;  a  cotton long sleeve tee from Aritzia and a modal tank.  I love how the stripes just peek out at the bottom, a soft tank is crucial for layering and modal is a great fabric that feels kinda like if silk and cotton had a love child.  I rolled up the cuffs of these jeans partially because it appealed to my twisted sense of humor (flood pants, get it) and mostly because it showed of these cute striped sneakers.

When it gets to be too rainy and depressing (like when the city has called in the military to deal with the state of emergency and you STILL have to go to work) I just remind myself that life’s a beach.   You can sit on the edge and watch the water go by, or you can jump in! (In this case not literally, don’t be a Nenshi Noun!) I actually don’t mind the rain and can frequently be found splashing in puddles.. sometimes even on my lunch break!   I figure if I must work, I might as well try to make the best of it!


I’m totally with Hemmingway on this one.


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