bare feet and wind blown billabong blush maxi dress billabong cotton maxi dress boho chic stylecotton maxi dress for suummerboho style details feather hair tie, leather tie belt high low maxi dressknuckle rings and a leather belt lace dress lace trim maxi dresshippy girl (2)perfect summer dress light pink maxi dress maxi dress and headbandmaxi dressshort girls can wear maxi dresses

dress BILLABONG    accessories LeCHATEAU


If you haven’t already noticed, I’m kinda a hippy deep down inside,  I almost named my blog “hippy at heart” but I didn’t really think it reflected my personal style very well, since I don’t usually dress very boho-chic!   Simply because living in Calgary, most of the time the temperatures do not allow it,  however, in mid-summer (and for the Stampede!) this maxi dress is perfect to throw on with oversize sunnies and bed-head banded down with a leather & feather hair tie.   I am so happy to be staying on a farm this summer, back to my country girl roots with big skies and bare feet- to go out in the city I added gold sandals but for a more Stampede look just add cowboy boots!

I have to confess myself exceptionally thrilled with this purchase for a number of reasons. First, I’ve never had a maxi dress before (not because I’m too short, in fact, a maxi will visually elongate a short frame so petite girls just go get one hemmed if they’re all too long!) but because I never found “the one” sure, there were a few flames in dressing rooms:  I nearly bought a leopard print one (shocking that I resisted leopard, I know) but the price tag compared to the quality was not enough to justify it.  For a nice maxi, avoid polyester.. it doesn’t breathe well, and it doesn’t last long.  This 100% cotton Billabong dress is perfect, especially for summer because the cotton is light and breathable.     The main reason this dress came home with me, no questions asked, is because it cost me $19.99!

Yeah.  You can’t say no to that kind of deal. I’ve actually been absolutely loving all of the Billabong and Roxy dresses lately, its been hard to resist taking them all home,  super cute and super affordable, be sure to check them out! This dress also checked off a few of my other favourite things and appealed to my girly side.

This blush tone is my favourite shade of pink, I love how it looks on tan skin with dark hair, I added a belt at the to break up the monochrome a little and define the waist.  It has a very subtle high-lo hem, with tiers of crochet and soft ruffles, the skirt moves so nicely and totally reminds me of an old country girl skirt.  Whenever I dress for Stampede I always have”cowboys and indians” in the back of my mind and tend to dress more towards the native side with simple jewelry, feather accessories, and leather ties.  I figure most people going have the cowboy side covered and largely ignore the Native American part of the history. (Not entirely, check out the parade, exhibition halls and grandstand show!)

If you are in Calgary and want to shop away from the craziness of the Stampede and downtown core,  check out West Hills shopping center in the SW.  The Signal Hill Winners gets the best product in Calgary (seriously) so you can find lots of great brands and really great pieces for way less than retail.   Surrounding are outlets for many other stores including Guess, Danier Leather, Ardene, La Senza, Le Chateau, West 49 and Shoe Company. For a full list of stores click here and here.  I got my dress at Winners, but the West 49 Outlet also carries Billabong and other great brands and its all clearance!  Its good to do a little outlet shopping after the crazy high-prices in the Stampede grounds!

xo, aiyanajanee

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11 thoughts on “dreamcatcher

  1. I just love the dress! First of all, because it is a dress 😀 Secondly, I just like the vintage, hippish, bohemian look to it, and thirdly, the train is just a lovely touch. Billabong made this? Wow, I am impressed and was even more impressed when I saw you only paid $20 for it. However, I wear an XL so I doubt it would come in my size. I have 2 maxi dresses, amongst others. One is just a simple long black one, no frills and the other crosses in the back with it crocheted and I am not sure what the front would be called (there are the things to hold your breasts) not the front like on your dress. That one came from Rue 21 and the black on came from Walmart years ago when I was still shopping at Walmart and didn’t know there was a whole nother world outside of Walmart hahaha LOL I will have to check into Billabong and see their sizes and stuff. Everyone sizes run different and even though I wear an XL, Billabong could carry an XL and it could be too small on me…I have run into that in Aeropostale and have to wear their XXL…have a lovely day, dear! xo

    • Right?! i love it for all those same reasons, it just makes me feel happy and feminine. The train is the best part, walking around it swishes so nicely! You should check it out! I hope you can find something, billabong typically carries up to an XL and some XXL and I think as long as it wasn’t too small in the busy you could definitely pull it off, the skirt is so floaty and drapes very nicely.
      I still find the occasional gem at walmart, so dont worry about it! I think you are describing a bustier top? With built in cups?

      • Yes, they have the cups in it. You’re right. The only thing I don’t like about those tops is that the inserts move around during washing and drying and it is hard to get them back in place. I have in the past cut slips in the back of the cups to stick my finger in there and move the inserts back in place… :/
        The trouble I have with clothing is the hips…my family has the curse of big hips…and I have huge upper arms and now because of the pain medication I am on, my stomche is quite bloated. Not that is was small and flat to begin with but it wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. And I have a small chest too. Uh, I am 5’11”, weigh 250lbs. and I wear a size 18…I use to be 210 about three months ago until I was taking the pain medication regularly because of my back and all that weight I worked so hard to get off came back on. Overnight…I am not kidding. Because of my back and my legs, I am quite inactive so I can’t get out and walk as much as I want to because I am in agonizing pain. I am having back surgery 03 September. I am doubtful that it will solve all my problems; I would just be happy that it would just bring some relief. Which is better than nothing.
        I am going to head over to Billabong right now just to look. Nothing more. Thanks, dear! 🙂

      • I’m sorry to hear of all your health issues, I hope you can get it figured out and start feeling well! When I broke my pelvis I really credit swimming and water therapy with helping me get better, it’s a great way to build strength in a perfectly gentle, zero gravity environment. Perhaps try an aqua size class?

        I have had to do the same with built in cups! You aren’t really supposed to put them in the dryer but I am so lazy about sorting my laundry!

      • I feel the same in the water too! It is the weightlessness. I feel no pain in there. Nothing. I would love to have a pool and just sit in there till I prune away to nothing. I am actually on a restriction that I am not to do any exercise leading up to the surgery but I could look into that for afterwards. I will have to see if our local Y offers some type of exercise in the water. Sounds pretty kool. Thanks, dear! xo

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