Printed Denim for Night

tribal denim

tribal bleached denim GINA TRICOT

lace tank(old) ARITZIA 


color-block sandals ZIGISOHO

sunnies + jewelry ALDO

beaded bag – Guatemala c/o MANANA IMPORTS

Stormy skies again here in Calgary, but at least it give’s me the perfect excuse to wear pants instead of shorts.. most girls are out Stampeding in what I can only assume is their best impression of Daisy Duke to catch a predator… it happens every year. Personally,   I prefer a little bit of western influence in my outfit, not to look like a “character”…

This outfit has a few subtle nods towards western style, I get annoyed when I go out and people ask where my boots are.. I tell them they’re back home in the barn and ask if they’re ever ridden a horse.  It gets a bit grating by day 9 to have drunk city boys attempting to flirt by pointing out you aren’t wearing cowboy boots like the other 99% of people there.  Yeah dude, its an attempt to send the message that I do not wish to take part in any line-dancing with you.. this Shania does not want your nasty boots under her bed, so peace out, please, and thank you. I mean really, go pick one of the girls wearing only lingerie please.

I know, a bit hypocritical of me considering my top choice, but it is night, and it is hot(ish) and a little lace and a little sparkle go a long way.  A white lace top is an essential for me (and every cowgirl loves a little lace).  I recently read THIS POST by fellow yycblogger Suzanne, about wearing proper lingerie; I could not agree more. One of my biggest pet peeves is a regular bra with a racer back tank; there is no excuse as SO many bras have removable straps on the back side to allow you to cross the straps, or just buy a racer-back bra.  Pulling off a sheer lace top, I prefer to wear a pretty strapless bra; it gives more support than a bandeau,  and there are no straps digging in like a regular bra.  I love this Victoria’s Secret option – it adds a little sparkle and a little more lace without being too hoochie. An absolute essential item in my books is a good strapless bra, this one is the “Dream Angel’s Multi-Way” (ooh fancy), which I just bought and definitely recommend-  link above.   If you aren’t one for sheer just layer a (racer-back) tank-top underneath.

I think I’m mostly just annoyed that people are  pointing out that I’m not wearing boots, instead of pointing out how fabulous these shoes are!  I have been on the hunt for a pair of pretty sandals and these just fell into my lap, they are my favourite color combination of blue/green ever, and ironically enough I found them right after posting that HERE! They would have looked perfect with that outfit too, but I kinda think they will look perfect with anything!

 kisses and thanks for reading xo, aiyanajane

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