Greek Yogurt & Berry Breakfast Bars

So its Wednesday, which means its morning again.. but it is hump day, so we can do this!  I have mentioned before I am not a morning person, I tend to be stumbling out the door in my stilettos and running late to my car.. Sometimes my tendency to be in a rush has me skipping breakfast, which is really not ideal as you should start your day with a boost of protein. Always.

One of my favourite breakfast combo’s is yogurt, granola and berries.. but it’s not very portable or if it is, you have to eat it quick or the granola gets soggy and disgusting. Greek yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium and yes fats, but the good kinds! I believe in eating full-flavor. natural whole food; not low-fat, low-sugar, low-carb garbage.. and this absolutely beats a breakfast sandwich! Proper portion control and quality food are really important for a healthy diet, if you are portioning and eating in moderation its okay to eat what you like (read: chocolate).

I decided to turn this yummy basic into a portable Popsicle inspired breakfast, perfect for rushing to work on these summer mornings, or for an afternoon snack to fuel up for a work-out. How-to is below, and don’t forget to pin-it using the button so you remember to make this later, its super yummy and super easy!

Greek Yogurt and Granola Berry Breakfast Bars


1 Tub Fruit Flavor Greek Yogurt

Plain Granola

Assorted Berries

Cookie Cutters


Cupcake Liners


  1. Scoop all the yogurt into a mixing bowl using a spatula, if it is the fruit-bottom kind, mix it before adding your other ingredients.
  2. Next, use the empty yogurt tub to measure an equal amount of granola (perhaps just a little less than equal) and add it to the bowl.
  3. Add your berries, because I chose strawberries I quartered them and measured a yogurt tub full (blackberries or raspberries or all of the above would be amazing too and not need cut!)
  4. Mix it all together (it looks pretty gross) and then use the spatula to scoop it into your cookie cutters. I used these because I didn’t have cupcake-liners like I thought I did, but they actually worked out really well and there is no wasted paper left behind, they just pop right out. if you use the cupcake liners just use a dollop and flatten it out, remember you have to eat it, you don’t want some giant rock of frozen yogurt to gnaw on.
  5. Once its all separated into little individual “bars” put it in the deep-freeze for a couple hours (I just left it over night) then test out your yummy frozen yogurt bars!

frozen yogurt breakfast bars

I also recommend keeping a little extra yogurt on hand, my picky side (after testing them out) says that it would be better if the granola didn’t get exposed to freezer air at all.. so you could spoon a little yogurt on top and smooth it over to just give it that nice smooth outside coating.

Otherwise, I was super happy with how these turned out! They are yummy, convenient, and just enough to start off the day.   I know a lot of people who say they never eat breakfast or eating breakfast makes them feel sick; I used to be one of them! Eating something good in the morning is really important to start up your metabolism, this is a good way to start small, and soon your body will be hungry in the morning!! Besides, this feels like a treat but it’s actually provides the energy you need to rock the day, without crashing later!

Starting the day off sweet is a nice way to do it I think, have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful girls!

xo, aiyanajane

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