Black and white making another appearance, but it’s classic for a reason.  Simple and chic for work, toting my obligatory a.m. caffeine in this Starbucks Double-Walled Stainless Steel Tumbler.  I love this thing you guys, it legitimately keeps my drink hot for 8 HOURS.   Anyways, if you need a  new travel-mug, get the stainless steel one (not the plastic) and you will love it forever and ever. (Times Venti!)

If you already have your caffeine needs taken care of, how about your wardrobe?

Mine always seems to  be searching for a little something more…  hence, the dress.   I love the detailing on this dress:  the fabric reminds me of Chanel and the black piping nips in the waist and creates curves.   Classic and chic – that’s also how I justified it, that and finding it at $39.99 down from $231, I mean its practically foolish NOT to buy it with savings like that!

I paired it with classic peep-toe pumps, these shoes have been put through their paces (to say the least) and have never failed me over the years.   I’ve mentioned before how Guess heels are my favourite, when I want a comfortable (SERIOUSLY) pair of heels, I reach for a pair from Guess.  I have a bit of a collection by now and I can only see it expanding from here;   I’m pretty committed! One of my most important pieces of advice is to invest in quality shoes, leather really does make all the difference in comfort and longevity.  (Unless you’re a vegan, in which case… carry on.)

  Back to school sales are not just for the kids, stock up on basics like tanks and tees and snatch up some cute summer pieces that you can wear into fall, or style next year!  Boxing day has got to be the most over-rated time of year for clothes shopping, NOW is the best time to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, stores will be clearing out to make room for massive winter (and holiday) shipments.  Nearly every store has a sale on right now.. online and in stores, so keep in mind that from now until September there will be just about endless deals to be found!

look  by GUESS

Right now is actually the BEST time to be shopping  for deals!

I still can’t believe how much I saved on this dress, I love you, Winners.

Take it from a former retail manager and life-time price-comparer, pre-fall sales are the BEST! 

xo, aiyanajane

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