I’m aiyana jane, and I’m an average girl, with above average gumption.  A former retail-manager turned legal-assistant, committed to never paying retail. 


I love nature and animals and reading and cake.   I love lots of other things too, like crafting and shopping, and going on long winded spiels about my personal opinion on just about anything.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and a perfectly poured beer. I mostly like to laugh, and personally think I’m pretty amusing (although if you’re easily offended, perhaps it would be best to back away slowly) so this blog is basically for whatever I’m feeling at the moment in time I write it… I share my life with you, and it can be a painful journey at times, but mostly I stick to my love of affordable fashion and DIYs!  (And a few rants against “the man”) I also have a bunny named Cedric Diggory, who I am completely obsessed with (and with Harry Potter in general..)

I am hesitant to label myself a fashion blogger, for me all I am is a writer.  Above all else, I love to write.  Writing is the only time I feel perfectly at peace, so I tend to get a bit wordier than many other bloggers, since the blog world is often more of an image based forum.  I can’t be anything but who I am though, so you’re stuck with my walls of text to skim through at your leisure.

 Thanks for stopping by and indulging me!

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CITY – live and work in Calgary, AB
STYLE – personal style by aiyana jane
COUNTRY – farm girl, born and raised
SMILE – the (somewhat) notorious gap tooth


Oh, that country smile… for years I vowed that modern dentistry would end my woes – you could practically kick a field goal though that sucker! I was teased about it constantly and to this day it’s still one of my biggest insecurities.  
mean girls

I’d like to thank Tina Fey for what I consider to be a personal apology.

Part of the reason I like blogging is it reminds me that with a smile on my face, no matter how imperfect, the photos always turn out better.  It took me a long time to accept my gap, but the more I thought about plastering over it (that’s how dentists work, right?) the more I realized it made me who I am as much as anything else has.  For all the years I spent loathing it, agonizing in front of the mirror, when I really considered getting something done to fix it, I realized how weird it would be to see someone else smiling back at me.  This quote from one of my favourite books series ever Game of Thones hits the nail on the head:

Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not.
Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.

As I grew older, (and by older I mean like, 17)  I came to realize that I needed to accept my flaws and weaknesses at face value, and approach them with grace.  One day, while staring in the mirror in the midst of my adolescent angst something changed, and suddenly I realized, that couple millimeters of tooth space doesn’t define my worth. (Although a Dentist might disagree with dollar signs in his eyes!)  What I cannot change, what makes me who I am, I will not apologize for, or cover up. Accept yourself for your flaws, and do not  conform to anyone’s standard of beauty but your own.  I am a very strong believer in natural beauty, most of the time in the photos on the blog I wear no makeup at all.  I like a little makeup, don’t get me wrong, but it breaks my heart when I hear of girls who won’t leave their bedroom without a full face on. Do not get so used to your mask that you forget who you are underneath.  I believe that makeup and clothing can only be as beautiful as the person wearing it.   Every thing has beauty, not every one can see it.   You must find your inner beauty or you will never shine your brightest.  There will always be those who will try to dull your sparkle, don’t ever allow their insecurities masked as criticism to tarnish your soul.

smile beautiful

I don’t believe in living your life on the sidelines for fear of the game.  Pursue your life with reckless abandon,  wear beautiful dresses because its Tuesday, and remember to smile.  
xo, aiyana jane


9 thoughts on “about

    • Thanks Annie! Cedric was just so perfect, the guy who took me to the hospital when I got hurt was the one who said I should call him Cedric (not with Harry Potter in mind) and I just instantly knew it was the perfect name!

  1. Nice about and I laughed so hard about your gap tooth issue: every top model going seems to have that same gap lately to the point where I am sure people are asking their orthodontists to GIVE them the gap. So yeah–do not change what makes you you.

    • I remember when the gap tooth thing started getting really big in modeling, I rejoiced the day I realized it! Personally I had hoped for a contacted but Victoria’s Secret hasn’t yet called 😉

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