In the Rosebud River Valley, and all over Alberta, the oil and natural gas business is booming.  Yet there’s a catch – people are discovering that well-water can be lit on fire… Burning Water follows one woman’s quest to discover just what exactly has happened to the water.  Is the Hydraulic Fracturing to blame? If so, who is responsible – EnCana or The Alberta Government? The search for accountability pits small farmers up against Big Oil and the petro-state, and here are few satisfactory answers.

You can order a copy on DVD from Bunbury Films
or watch it free online (CLICK HERE)

This film focuses on my mother and her fight for water and mineral rights in Alberta, Canada.   A fight which brings her up against the Alberta Government, the local community in Rosebud, the Alberta Research Council (Dr. Alec Blyth) and  EnCana Corporation – one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

Growing up in this situation (you might notice that I was graduating high school when this was filmed) has hugely impacted my life – so when I’m not blogging about style, I’m usually doing some sort of environmental activist type stuff..   I’ve noticed that most people seem to be terribly concerned about the day the oil runs out, but have never considered what might happen if safe water runs out first.

 This is an issue that I can promise you will continue to effect millions of people as hydraulic fracturing spreads and becomes a more commonplace practice. Everyone knows that oil is a finite resource, yet in Alberta where we make billions off of gas and oil production, the idea that the glory days must come to an end have pushed those with their hands in the pocket to take desperate measures. Hydraulic Fracturing is not safe, its not worth it, and its not going to stop unless we do something.  Will we allow our greed and ignorance to destroy the earth and everything it gives us? Or will be speak up and stop it???
 So please watch, share and even order the DVD if you feel so inclined – but do not sit back, do nothing and wait until the problem is at your door, because by then its too late.

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