Mother’s Day – DIY

Mothers Day Gifts - DIY, cheap and easyDIY MOTHERS DAY 2HOW TO TIE BOWSSo Mother’s Day is on Sunday… which is like 4 days away. I have been so busy lately I have barely given in a second thought.  If you are in the same boat, fortunately this DIY is cheap, fast and easy!  It’s actually what I gave my mom last year, click here for how to make your own.

I think the reason I am a loyal DIYer is because my mom always did crafts with me.  She’s big on DIY too – in fact, she bought these mirror candle holders from Pier One and they were black, but she painted them white and green to match the living room.  I painted the candles teal because like I said before, its my favourite color.  My mom know’s I’m obsessed with teal so she doesn’t mind, its better than when I made her repaint my room to a bright teal.

These look so pretty at night reflecting in our living room. The lights just dance through the lace.  I love this DIY, hope you guys do too!

xo, aiyanajane

DIY Canvas Wall Quote

this is a super easy diy to personalize your home decor for cheap! What you’ll need and how to are below!

DIY Canvas Wall Quote

canvas – any size  ||  permanent marker  ||  mod podge matte spray adhesive  ||  pencil  ||  chalk  || white eraser

DIY canvas wall quote

If you don’t already have it, find some inspiration- the quote section of Pinterest should be more than sufficient!  Write your quote out lightly in pencil, then go over in permanent marker (I used black, but any dark color will work!) and erase the pencil marks.  Use the chalk to draw a simple design and blend lightly using your fingers, or rather than a design, just blend a few complementary colors together for an ombre effect!  When your satisfied with your drawing,  spray it with a coat of spray adhesive.

There are a few simple reasons I love this DIY so much.  For one, its super cheap, you can pick up everything you need at a Dollar Store or Walmart.  For another, you can easily fix mistakes- the white eraser will remove chalk and pencil, so as long as you haven’t messed up the permanent marker, you basically have unlimited tries to get it perfect.

I have always been obsessed with quotes, I think its because there are so many brilliant ideas out there and the right quote at the right moment can resonate so deeply, to know someone has spoken the words your heart couldn’t verbalize.  Lately I’ve been having a difficult time, feeling like I have wasted my time on pointless relationships or pursuing the wrong jobs.  Basically I just had a breakdown thinking everything I’ve done is pointless.  This quote is by Muhammad Ali reminds me that every single day you have to fight and work for what you want, if you ever want to be a champion.

Are there any quotes that seem to resonate within your soul? I would LOVE to hear them, I mean it when I say I am obsessed, so leave one with a comment below and be my inspiration!

xo, aiyanajane

DIY – Studded Cardigan

This is literally the easiest DIY ever.  It took me less than ten minutes including taking photos.  When I spotted this union jack cardigan at Winners, I had to have it! It appealed to a feverish desire I had held ever since I was 6 years old and completely obsessed with the Spice Girls.  My cousins and I used to play Spice Girls all the time, and I was Ginger- she had that union jack dress, which I thought was quite possibly the coolest thing ever.  Plus my mom is from Scotland, so represent. I bought this sweater a couple sizes too big because I LOATHE when a snap or button front sweaters pull across the front.  Could any one thing be more instantly unflattering?! As a general rule, if it pulls across the stomach, don’t buy it. Just go up a size. Oversize is where its at – especially with sweaters! These days, I am all about Posh over Ginger (sorry, Geri). Victoria Beckham, when it comes to style, is pretty much my idol. She always looks so polished and put together.Union Jack Studded Sweater DIY

One thing I hate, and I know its kind of “in” is when a garment is left looking unfinished with just one single detail. For example, stitching an “X” over the snap closure. Its just like.. why?  You could have left it, or put something worth looking at on there, but just stitching an X? Meh. So I took these studs off of an old belt and covered it up- something about a union jack begs for some punk rock studs. I didn’t bother to remove the thread, I could have, but I kinda like the imperfect, unfinished look.  Feeding the studs through the snaps was super easy and they hold really well! Click through the photo gallery for how I did it! Or click HERE to see new outfit photos!


stud closure oversized cardiganpeace and long live the queen

Please excuse my hobo-chic look I legit just threw it on for a quick after photo, which my roomie so nicely took for me! I’m thinking I might add some studded epaulettes to the shoulders, just to give it that extra detail.


Leave it or stud the shoulders?

Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading girlies, peace out!

Xo, AIYANAjane

DIY- Refurbished Secretary Desk

Hello my lovelies!

So I’m moving this weekend to a place where I will be sharing a bathroom… wait, shared? Whats a girl with a massive collection of makeup, skin and hair care products to do?! Since its shared space I don’t want to overtake the counter so I refinished this secretary desk I’ve had for years. I used it as a makeup table before and it was awesome, but it was getting pretty beat up so I gave it a makeover!


Put down newspaper (or something of the sort) then remove all drawers, handles, shelves and screws. Sand down rough edges and any scratches. This should be done in a well ventilated area.

Spray paint the entire unit- use multiple THIN coats for even coverage that doesn’t run. Then spray the drawers- I chose to use two different metallic spray paints- silver for the body and gold for the inserts.

To replace the old handles, I painted these seashells curtain shower hooks blue and cut the wire backing down to the right length. Then use hot glue in the hole and the original backing to secure it.

Hand paint the edges of the piece with gold acrylic. On the fold-down shelf I spray painted the outside silver, and the inside gold. When its dry attach hardware and re-insert the drawers.

1. BEFORE 2. Base coat 3. Gold and Cobalt detailing 4. AFTER


MATERIALS: Krylon Spray Paint ( nickle, gold & silver) Folk Art Acrylic Paint (gold, cobalt) Sandpaper, Screwdriver, Seashell Curtain hooks, Hot glue gun and sticks, wire cutters, pliers, paintbrush.

refinished secretary desk diy

I have to admit, I’m very pleased with the result! And as a bonus the whole project took me about 8 hours, including drying time! The hardest part was cutting the curtain hooks, which could have been avoided if I hadn’t been too lazy to search out regular fake seashells, but Drumheller Walmart has a limited selection so I just made do. Its amazing what a difference a little paint and some hot-glue can make!

Maybe this post will inspire you to revamp a worn in piece!

xo, a!

DIY- feather skirt

I can’t believe how quickly September has flown by, time flies when you’re having fun I suppose! With September quickly becoming October its time to start thinking of Halloween costumes!!

Halloween is such a fun holiday and a personal favorite of mine! Its a chance to remind yourself of childhood pleasures, stuff your face with miniature chocolate and be whomever you want to be!

I made this skirt for Halloween 2010 (predating the blog a bit so I apologize for not having tutorial photos!) Then Black Swan came out in December 2010, so my original costume was a “Bird of Paradise” (and I won “best costume” wearing it!!) but I immediately saw the potential to reuse it. Last year I went as Ace Ventura, (outfit thrifted at Divine, Calgary) but maybe this year I should be Nina!? What do you think? Any better ideas on who I should be? I’m open to suggestions.

black swan

This project takes a lot of time and patience, but it isn’t difficult.

First you’ll need a pleated black skirt, and several feather boas ( I used 6 but it will vary depending on your size.) I got everything at value village, they have TONS of Halloween stuff and the prices can’t be beat! Skirt $4 – Boa $8 each – Wings $10 get there soon to get the best selection and avoid the crazy crowds.

Starting at the bottom on a side seam, hand stitch the boas onto the skirt stretching out the pleats as you go. This will make the skirt full and bouncy. If you don’t know how to hand sew, its time to learn! Since the feathers will cover everything, you can use any thread you have on hand and it doesn’t have to be straight or perfect. Just make sure you’re thread is properly knotted and then its essentially up-down, up-down x 564632565 That’s not even an exaggeration, I estimate I put about 8 or so hours into sewing it! But, if you sit down and hand stitch while watching you’re favorite TV show you’ll have it done in no time so don’t despair!

All I did was sew the Boas around starting at the bottom and working my way up. At first just in circles (round and round and round) and then towards the top I had to loop back and forth to leave the zipper unobstructed. You’ll feel in the center of the boa a cord that the feathers are attached to, this is what you need to make sure your thread is looping over and securing down. Other than that, have patience my pretties!

Once your skirt is done (ps- I’d love to see photos!!) to finish the costume off find a strapless black top. (Mine is from Le Chateau, should be available in their outlet locations. As are the shoes.) The best thing about this Halloween costume is you can wear tights (yay, warmth!) and flats! (Yay, comfort!) The skirt is actually quite warm (now I know why birds are so fond of their feathers) but be a bit wary if you have allergies.. I was sneezing by the end of the evening!

time to spread your wings and learn to fly!
xo, a

DIY Arm Candy

Not very long ago I posted about how I was dying to have this La Mer charm watch. Too bad for me the one I want is $165- not really a whole lot for a watch, but in the span of 3 months I got laid off and crippled.. meaning I barely worked, and so do not exactly have the coin to drop on a novelty item.. no matter how beautiful!

So I was going to bide my time, save up a bit and then treat myself.. but I wanted it NOW!!! Patience… some say its a virtue, but personally I think being impatient has its benefits as well. For example, ever since I laid eyes on that watch (and it was weeks ago by now) I have been consumed with a desire to posses it that I haven’t felt in ages. Frustrated with my lack of funds, I decided that I was going to have a charm watch no matter what. The idea had been simmering in the back of my mind for weeks and finally I decided I could wait no longer and I was making my own.

I used a piece of leather I salvaged off of one of my old western saddles. If you don’t ride, find someone who does and steal their straps.. HAHA only kidding! Find a more legit way to acquire a leather strap for your watch. I soaked it and conditioned it with leather conditioner since it was looking pretty haggard prior to its extreme makeover! Then I went to my jewelry stash.. I used a necklace I had bought from Aldo ages ago because it had lots of cute little charms but I never wear it anymore. I also used some old earrings that I’ve been hanging onto forever in the hopes that one day their counterpart might return to me. I attached the charms using the chain from the necklace and some pliers. Truthfully it was quite a nit-picky endeavor  because I wanted all the charms to line up “just so” but it was not to be. What I realized is the more moving pieces the better- use one chain to attach your charms and allow them to slide. This way they don’t get stuck when you wrap the leather and you can move them around and arrange them to your liking. Next I just bought a cheap watch from Walmart that came with a matching bracelet. Stack it all together and I’m pretty proud of the watch I cobbled together for less than $20!

i’m wearing:
shoes – ardenes
shirt, purse, scarf – le chateau
sunglasses – the source for sports
jeans – american eagle, from trends kensington
rings – manana imports calgary, the scottish shoppe

xox, a

DIY beachy hair spray

summer time, and the livin’s easy.. especially when it comes to hair and beauty routines! to look sublime, go for a cali girl cool vibe with stripes, aviators and ethnic inspired jewelry.

for a day at the beach, make this DIY beach hair spray to lighten and texturize natural hair.

diy hair lightening spray, california girl, diy lace shorts, jean cut offs

what i’m wearing:  modal tank + lace bra – le chateau || DIY Denim Lace Shorts || sunglasses + bracelet + shoes – ardenes

Get “Beach Hair” – DIY Lightening Spray

Salvage 1 empty product bottle fill and 1/4 full of lemon juice, then add sea salt ~ 3 TBSP worth.. depending on the size of your container.  

Fill the rest with water, shake it up and spray it on! Lemon juice lightens and smells nice while the sea salt gives wet hair texture and body. 

French braid it while wet after a swim and take it out at night for easy, instant beachy waves. Gradually lightens hair in the sun.

Hair is noticeably lighter after just over a week of daily use.
Apply generously to damp hair and allow to air dry outdoors.
then try this makeup : 
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow- Pink Perfection
Great Lash Lots of Lashes – Blackest Black
COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush – #230
Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Lipbalm

DIY- Denim cutoffs with lace

Once upon a time I bought the most wonderful pair of blue jeans, wore them so often and they served me well.  They were comfortable, just the right wash, had good stretch to them and weren’t even expensive!  It wasn’t their fault when my inner thighs rubbed a hole into them… more like my chocolate bar addictions fault. (I actually have a problem…LEGIT)  Regardless of where the fault lies, I was devastated.

Of course this seems to always happen to my favourite jeans (probably because I wear them so much that they get worn out extra quickly) but its so heartbreaking to lose a great pair to something as insulting as inner thigh chub rub. Thankfully I’m not a minority victim here.. many of my close friends have lamented the loss of a great pair of jeans to the dreaded thigh holes.. but why throw them out when you can make something even more adorable out of them!?

Of course the night after I post about how I’m too busy to post I decide that I have to make these. I’m heading to the Stampede this Saturday and wanted my daisy dukes to have a little somethin’ extra. So here’s as easy DIY for your summer stampede style- Lace cutoffs!

Its easy! Start with those evil holes and then cutstraight across to the other seam ( do this on both sides, obviously.)  Remember when in doubt, leave more and not less material, you can always trim it to look neat after, but its a big pain to try to reattach it, and it never looks the same.

Next find some lace. (Actually you should probably find the lace prior to starting your project but whatevaaa ) You can buy some from a fabric store but I just used an old tablecloth I salvaged from my friend. (I’m a scavenger, so sue me!) Cut it to be the length of the circumference of each pant leg- just measure using the cutoffs.  Turn the shorts inside-out and then pin the lace on in a circle evenly along the bottom, joining the two ends right on that dreaded inner thigh seam. Now sew it on there! With lace make sure you are careful to get it all properly on there, the holes in the fabric pattern can make it difficult to attach it firmly, so with any perceived problem areas simply back-stitch over and carry on your merry way. Make sure you sew the joining ends together quite well, a few extra back-stitches never did anyone any harm and you don’t wanna wear out your shorts next do you!?

Then I cut out pieces of the lace and added pocket detailing (just because I got carried away) I hand stitched those on with white thread.

BEFORE they were ratty skinny jeans, HERE’S THE FINAL RESULT:

So even though I salvaged those, I’ve gotten extremly tired of ruining pants with my own lack of self control.

Whats made the real difference is these POP Pilates Videos, I’ve been using this video to shrink those inner thighs down and it really works! Give it a shot to tone up your legs for summer!

Try it and prepare for thigh pain! But no pain, no gain! Pretend your having as great a time as Cassey! Fake it till you make it baby!

Head over to and check out all of Cassey’s videos and tips! She’s amazing! (and a wordpress user.. so now you gotta do it!)

DIY – peplum belt

Peplum has been everywhere lately! Here’s how to get the look for cheap.

Rather than try to hunt down the perfect piece, I decided to make a belt to add a little flare to any outfit!

First you’ll need : 
-an elastic belt (I got mine at Ardene’s 3 for $10)
– any fabric,  slightly longer than the length of your belt. 
– pins, thread and a sewing machine (or patience if you are going to hand sew!)

If your material has unfinished edges, fold and sew to create a nice even hemline. I used two separate pieces of material, but only because I didn’t have any black fabric long enough to cover it in one.
Lay the belt out flat and pin your material in pleats (I spaced mine about 2 inches apart. For more ruffles,  pin pleats closer together and fold over more material to make them larger .)

 Once you have it pinned, simply sew over the pleats. I went over each pleat individually, if you just sew straight along the entire belt you’ll lose the stretch and it will probably break when you try to wear it. The other option is to use elastic thread. 
Because I used two separate pieces of material which met in the middle I also sewed those together at the end. You can skip this step if unlike me you actually got material the right length! 
To emphasize the pleats more, just iron them. (I didn’t but I’m going to… as soon as I find my iron!) Make sure you use the proper settings on your iron for the fabric you chose.



Now, Learn from my mistakes: 

I had -just- enough material to get the amount pleats that I did, if I was to do it again, I’d double the length of the belt in fabric to make it very ruffled. Go big or go home!
It would also have looked great using a lighter material like silk, or something shinier like satin, but considering its a $3.50 belt and an old pant leg I think it turned out alright!

Check out these awesome celeb looks featuring peplum over the last week!

Which is your Favourite Outfit?!

zoe saldana

mila kunis

lucy hale

the summer chill list.

So today was far to nice a day to spend doing anything other than relaxing and enjoying the weather.. so rather than write a post, or actually make something, I decided to spend the afternoon winning the back the affections of my cat, having committed the ultimate crime against kitten-code and petting another, impostor-cat who had just showed up here! I know.. How dare I?!  All week he’s been giving me the cold shoulder ever since a very adorable stray showed up in our barn. The second I get into the yard she’s running over to see me and following me around, how can I resist such tactics? She’s SO cute! (Even better, I think she’s knocked up! YAY KITTENS!!!)




Anyways today he decided to forgive me (much to my delight) so we relaxed and caught some sun and snuggles, while listening to the sickest playlist I put together with the thought of summer fun & relaxation in mind and inspired by the only radio station I actually will listen to: X92.9.
So without further adieu, and before I sound TOO much like a crazy cat lady here it is.


summer chill tunes.BY ARTIST.

audioslave- what you are
audioslave- i am the highway
the black keys- gold on the ceiling
city and color– the grand optimist
cypress hill- hits from the bong
daniel wesley- ooo ohh
everlast- what its like
florence + the machine- only if for a night
florence + the machine- never let me go
florence + the machine- no light, no light
florence + the machine- seven devils
gorillaz- clint eastwood
gorillaz- rhinestone eyes
ko- let’s blaze
ko- capable
ko- kurt kobain
ko- bourbon
m.i.a– paper planes
metric- gold guns girls
metric- youth without youth
metric- gimme sympathy
metric- satellite mind
mother mother – simply simple
of monsters and men – little talks
the pack a.d.- haunt you
sublime- what i got
sublime- summertime
sublime- santeria
sublime- carress me down
tool- vicarious
the verve- bittersweet symphony

pick your favourite song, hit shuffle, then sit back and enjoy!

all songs are available on itunes (support the artists yo! don’t steal)
so go and download them if you don’t already own em.
SO worth it, I promise!

Any songs  you would add? I’d love to hear em, so post them below!


Here is the story of my life as a consumer:

Buy something, become obsessed with it for a few weeks, buy something new, immediately forget the old.

That doesn’t really work when I have no job so I’ve been forced to get creative. Now when it comes to purses and wallets- since its something I use every day, I seem to tire of them extra quickly. Occasionally I delve into the box of forgotten purses to take a trip down memory lane and see if there is anything I could be wearing right now. I came up with this gem.. I bought it a few years ago and used it as a wallet (everyone thought that was weird..) because at the time I was taking public transit to my job where I made 7.80 an hour (super fun times). Anyways, I was always carrying a huge bag of stuff with me; work lunches, water bottle, change of shoes, book etc. It got annoying trying to find a small wallet in there, and having to switch my stuff out of my work bag if I wanted to go out so I started carrying this clutch with everything I needed, so that I could just take it out and go. And it worked awesome, so eff the haterz/


 here it is in all its glory BEFORE


  1. So step one, find or buy a clutch. ( If you found it, clean it off. Mine is just vinyl so I used a damp towel to wipe it down.)
  2. Using a paintbrush, apply ModPodge generously around the outside edge. (Since my clutch had separate pieces I didn’t bother taping, but if the one you have is all once piece, tape it off before you start to get nice clean lines)
  3. Sprinkle loose glitter over the ModPodge, this is much easier if the glitter comes with a shaker head. Try to cover as much of the glue as possible, use lots of glitter. Once its covered either lightly blow the excess off or gently tap it against the ground (with paper underneath) to catch the glitter. It should go without saying not to touch any of the glitter-glue with your hands or on the ground.
  4. Next I used Martha Stewart “glitter” craft paint in “wintermint” on the main area of the flap. It took me about 20 coats (with many days of drying time between-I AM NOT KIDDING) to get it to be thick enough to look fully glittered. I’ve been obsessed with mint and gold lately so those are the colors I decided to go for. I was experimenting a bit with methods here-  the gold I used modpodge + loose sparkles, the mint- glitter paint. Never again with the glitter paint that’s all I’m gonna say. Its fine if you want a sheer coat of sparkle, if you want it to be covered, its a googleplex times easier to just use loose glitter and modpodge. Leave about an hour drying time for paint between coats, and at least 2 hours for the ModPodge.
  5. Once its dry, tap it against something to remove any loose glitter, then if there is anywhere that needs touched up, use a paintbrush to apply modpodge to the spots that need fixing, and then sprinkle glitter over it (I used the extra glitter that had fallen off of mine.) leave touch-ups to dry for about an hour.
  6. Seal it with one more full coverage coat of ModPodge over the entire glittered surface, leave to dry over night and viola.


above: the materials i used- purse with paint drying after a few coats. gold sparkles still are unsealed.

~and now i’m in loveeeee ❤

colorBLOCK heels- DIY

this is a super easy project that is also bang on trend for spring: NEON + NEUTRAL COLOR BLOCK HEELS

i had these old beaten up nude shoes that I decided needed a makeover. Here’s what I did:

  1. Wipe them down to get rid of dirt, scuffs and god knows what else.
  2. Tape off the areas you want to be BRIGHT!
  3. I just squeezed the paint right on there  (Folk art neons-2852) and brushed it on evenly with a paintbrush. I did 3 coats on mine; leaving about an hour drying time between the first and second coats, and 2 hours between the second and third. Then leave them to dry overnight.
  4. The next morning un-peel your tape. (slowly and carefully) Then I did one thin coat of ModPodge over the whole body of the shoe, better to be safely sealed than sorry! Leave to dry a couple hours.
  5. Try on your cute new shoes!

And all you needed was a pair of heels, tape, paint, paintbrush and modpodge.


I’m on the lookout for a clutch to paint that will match- I’m going shopping tomorrow so maybe that will be next post!

Check back and see! ~ Love y’all!

I was thinking of painting the soles as well..

YAY/NAY ? What do you think?

DIY ~ Mothers Day Gift!

 April showers bring May Flowers, and May means Mothers day!

Moms (at least my mum) love home made things! DIY mothers gifts always win- they have more “special meaning” and they show you are thinkin’ of her and that you really care. They are also WAY cheaper…bonus!  My mum is Scottish, she loves when she gets something nice, but she likes saving a dime even more (something most of us can relate to I think) so she raised me to love “making your own version”

Scented candles are really just a good easy gift for most women- so you can use this idea anytime.. Christmas office gift exchange? Your s/o’s mom invites you to her birthday? The best thing is its very easy to customize..

The idea came to me because my parents recently moved, and my mom has been gradually decorating their (new/old) place. She bought some wall-sconce things that she wanted to put candles on but she cant seem to find any she thinks look good-  so me being broke and crafty, I decided to make her some that I thought would go with the room!

I’ll have you to know I braved the rain to do this on my balcony! the boyfriend does not like “paint smell” or glitter, so I have to stay outside..



*Photo Notes* 

  1. I didn’t bother peeling off the bottom label, one layer of paint covered it easily!
  2. I did both my candles at once, alternating back and forth between the two each step.
  3. Once the bottoms were painted, I had a little bit left over. ‘Waste not!’ I thought, so I mixed in a bit of mod podge and stirred it together to make a more sheer color coverage on the bottom layer of lace, in the hope that it would bleed and give an “ombre” effect. (it did!)
  4. Paint on the mixture of paint+podge, approximately the same as the width of the ribbon you are going to adhere. (It doesn’t have to be perfect!)
  5. Stick the lace ribbon on, and rotate the candle with one hand while wrapping the lace around with the other. Once its on, tap it down to make sure the lace is really stuck on there! (I just used my fingers) I cut my lace to be “exact” -meaning I didn’t leave any extra, I learned it shrinks a tiny bit when you apply it, so learn from my mistake and  leave about 1cm extra when you cut your ribbons. You should pre-cut all your ribbons to save yourself hassle once your hands are all painty and glue covered.
  6. Once the bottom ribbon was on, I used the ‘podge+paint mixture on the very bottom part of the lace to stick it down and keep the blue color solid at the bottom.
  7. Layer 2- Don’t be stingy with the ModPodge, I used a dabbing motion to get lots on there! Wrap the lace around, tapping it down as you go- I overlapped it over the bottom layer by maybe a half-centimeter . TIP :  Start your wraps at the same point, and that “unfinished end” can go towards the back , or be hidden under the bow.
  8. One more layer -I did it a bit thinner and more carefully since it was at the top- of ModPodge and lace over the top. The candles came with a plastic cover lid which I kept on the whole time, It made it much easier to hold it while I was applying the glue and lace. (Obviously the amount of layers you have will depend on the size of your candle and the ribbon you’re using, I did 3, but more would work fine as well, just keep overlapping and building up.)
  9. Using a fork (-or whatever you have, really! …knife? spoon? spork?!) poke the lace down between the plastic rim of the lid, and onto the glass of the candle.
  10. Leave it to dry overnight! I live in a really small apartment with a balcony (which is where I do all my crafts) so I keep it inside the cooler that doubles as my crafting table.


*Photo Notes* 

  1. This is how they looked after drying overnight, and I quite liked them…
  2. Now seal it with one more coat of ModPodge! …if you like them as they are at this point (rather than fiddling around with the ribbon and bows) you can call it a day and they will look the same as the top left photo. Very cute, and much easier to be honest.
  3. OR to get the ribbon+bow look, let the top “sealer” coat of ModPodge dry for about an hour (I was impatient and only waited a half hour and it was fine.) Then put another coat of  podge on there (again, same width as your ribbon) and wrap the ribbon around the top. The candles I used had a lip which made it easy to get it nicely lined up.
  4. On Candle No1 to compensate for the lip (which had been making the ribbon not stick evenly) I angled it down slightly where the ends connect, just to make sure the rest of it would lie flat.  (Start on the side opposite the ends, and smooth outwards using both hands and meeting back where they join.)
  5. On Candle No2 I tried something else; I took a piece of ribbon, twisted it, and wrapped it around the middle of the top ribbon- where the lip of the candle was. Then I superglued the ends together and down onto the underlying ribbon. (I think hot glue would have worked much better but I don’t have a hot glue gun- sadly! )
  6. I made a bow and super-glued that over-top of the joining twisted ribbons.
  7. Candle No1, Candle No2 – Not quite dry yet, you can see the modpodge is still white, it will go clear!


  1. Fold left side of ribbon down and diagonally across.
  2. fold the right side overtop, then loop under and up through the hole
  3. Pull tight!
  4. Using the BOTTOM ribbon, make a loop and pinch it tight at the bottom with your left hand.
  5. with your right hand (still pinching with the left) take the top piece and wrap counter clockwise around the loop you’re holding
  6. then poke it though the knot you’ve been pinching with your left hand..
  7. ..and pull tight (carefully!, you dont want it to fall out..)
  8. “fluff” up the ribbon to make your bow nice and round. To finish the ends burn with a lighter.


Honeydew&Melon Candle ( $2.99)(BEFORE)Folk Art Metallic paint in Blue Topaz (2 for $5)
-Mod Podge- Gloss Finish-lace ribbon, white ribbon ( 1 roll each)

-paint brush, scissors, lighter, fork


Hopefully they can be re-used for holding tealights after they have burned all the way down!! We’ll have to wait and see once my mom uses them!

Any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll try to find some sage words of wisdom for you!

DIY- glitter heels


I found a pair of BCBG shoes at Winners last summer, &  instantly, I was in love. They were the perfect pink, nice soft leather, comfortable and chic, basically everything a girl could want from a pair of heels.. Unfortunately for me, they were also a half size too big, but I liked them so much (plus they were such a great price) that I got them anyway.

The first night I broke them out was for an evening of debauchery at the Ship&Anchor Pub on 17th Ave. It was stampede, which in Calgary (if you don’t already know) basically means it was a drunken free for all.. almost no one in the city is behaving properly during stampede week, and I was certainly not the exception. I don’t know how much experience you have trying to walk while intoxicated in shoes that are a little too big, but it never ends well. Morning came, my ankle was swollen and my once pristine shoes were ruined. I had over the course of the evening scuffed the toes, sides and back of my heels, as well as had more than one drink spilled on them which water marked the leather. True love, and then.. Heartbreak. But I’m a hoarder, and I’m cheap, so I kept them, if only to mourn over love lost.

Fast forward to now, where unemployed, but still a shop-a-holic I didn’t have the funds so go out and splurge on a pair of cap toe heels (a look I have been in love with since I saw Jessica Alba rocking this super trendy color block look. So instead I hit up Michaels bought myself some supplies and got crafting. And though I do love Jessica’s sleek shoes, I wanted a little more sparkle for mine.

To get started:


– A paintbrush or sponge
– Mod Podge Gloss Finish
– Loose glitter!!!
– Paper ( 2 pieces )
– a shot glass 😉
– a pair of shoes


1. Pour some mod podge into your shot glass, about 1/3 full (you can use any small container but.. thats what I had lying around, so I used that.) This way the glitter you use wont get into your bottle!

2. Then using your paintbrush or sponge, evenly coat the first section of the shoe, dont make it too thin or it will dry before the glitter can adhere (at least it did for me, but maybe I’m just slow!) once you have the area you want to be covered in glitter coated with mod podge, take the glitter, make sure you have a piece of paper (or several) underneath the shoe and sprinkle the glitter all over the coated area, better to use more than less!

3. GENTLY tap the sides of the shoes so that the excess glitter falls off.. if the sides aren’t coated very well, roll the sides of the paper up so it forms a “U” shape and then carefully roll the sides of the shoes into the extra glitter that you caught at the bottom. Once its covered in glitter to your satisfaction, leave it to dry for a few hours. ( I left mine outside because it was sunny and windy so they dried very quickly!)
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each different area you want glittered (for me the soles, and the toes) When I did the soles, I did only the parts you could see when the foot was down, until I got to step 4, and then I used the glitter mixture to coat the very bottom sole of the shoe, so the glitter is more sparse on the part that its going to get rubbed off on the ground.

4. Once its dry, do a single thin coat of mod podge over and let that dry as well. Then take a look.. for any touch ups I poured some glitter into the cup of mod podge I hadn’t used up and mixed it together, then just dab that mixture onto any area that doesn’t look sparkly enough for your liking.

5. After the touchups had dried I did one final (thicker) coat of modpodge (no glitter) to seal it, and left it over night. By morning they were beautiful and ready to wear.

Not counting drying time between, I’d say it took me about an hour and a half? If that. I highly recommend doing this OUTSIDE so it doesn’t look like a gay parade marched though your house throwing glitter everywhere.. (how does it get EVERYWHERE?!) I would also advise doing it in a sheltered spot, so that the wind doesn’t blow away your sparkles 😦

I didn’t bother taping off the areas that I sparkled (although I think I could have gotten crisper lines if I had, so you might want to if you have shaky hands) the shoes I used had straps that separated the two areas so I took my chances. Then I tried getting fancy and used another kind of glitter on the straps across the toes and it didn’t really work out.. the glitter I used was too fine and lightly colored, it didn’t show up and dried kinda chunky. The glitter I used for the toes and the soles had fairly large flakes which worked much better than the super fine stuff.

To do a cap toe shoe, a pointy or almond shaped heel will look best. If you only want to glitter the soles, any pair is fine.

By the end of it, I looked like one of the twilight vampires I was so sparkly but it was totally worth it!