Stampede Style

Stampede Style
During stampede time I always remember to “keep it simple, simply, simple” – last year mother mother played the coke stage on july 15th… I was totally planning on going and then the whole.. broke my pelvis and had to go to the hospital thing happened instead.  It just kinda hit me that its been a year since then, so much has changed !
My love for these brands has stood the test of time, however!
An absolute summer essential is the little white dress, this free people one is beautiful and takes it up a notch with the colorful detailing at the waist, perfect for stampede! It pairs perfectly with accessories from Aldo (a brand I consistently love) for either a fun day at the grounds  or a night out on the town!
I don’t wear a lot of makeup (seriously, keep it simple) but I consider a few of products essential. My beauty go-to brand is Clinique, I love both the chubby stick lip balm and high impact lipstick.  (I have them both and sometimes double them as a blush!)  I also swear by the dramatically different moisturizing lotion and the high impact mascara.  Keep your eyes open for when they have free gift promos to stock up on purse sized staples, perfect for on the go! Plus you always get a cute makeup bag!
Which way would you wear it? Day or Night?
Leave your comment below and let me know what you think of the new blog look!

vine, anyone?

do you vine, anyone?  I just got this app and I can already tell, I’m obsessed.. you might say it’s “de vine”.

Puns aside, come find me @aiyanajane and be sure to comment below with your user name if you already have an account!  If you don’t, you should download it.  Vine is basically if youtube was mixed with twitter and instagram.  It creates 6 second clips by shooting short segments and looping them together.  Kinda like a GIF.  Perfect for Outfit of the Day posts and cute animals!  (Of course, I’m on board, its all my favourite things packaged to fit my short attention span!) Its pretty cool, at least I think so.. and you can link to (or login with) your twitter or facebook account which makes it super easy.  While I have you here, follow me on twitter, instagram and like my Facebook page. Darlings, please, stroke my social media ego and make me like it.  😉

Seriously what did people do to kill time while avoiding work (or human interaction) before social media became a thing?  Kisses, and have good work week my lovelies!

xo, aiyanajane

Mother’s Day – DIY

Mothers Day Gifts - DIY, cheap and easyDIY MOTHERS DAY 2HOW TO TIE BOWSSo Mother’s Day is on Sunday… which is like 4 days away. I have been so busy lately I have barely given in a second thought.  If you are in the same boat, fortunately this DIY is cheap, fast and easy!  It’s actually what I gave my mom last year, click here for how to make your own.

I think the reason I am a loyal DIYer is because my mom always did crafts with me.  She’s big on DIY too – in fact, she bought these mirror candle holders from Pier One and they were black, but she painted them white and green to match the living room.  I painted the candles teal because like I said before, its my favourite color.  My mom know’s I’m obsessed with teal so she doesn’t mind, its better than when I made her repaint my room to a bright teal.

These look so pretty at night reflecting in our living room. The lights just dance through the lace.  I love this DIY, hope you guys do too!

xo, aiyanajane


this is just to tell you,

that my camera has died,

and so alas, the search for a new one begins.

recommendations bloggers?! what do you use??

I’d like a compact DSLR  that’s not too expensive.

this is just to show you

what pretty things I’ve been obsessed with

and pinning and pinning and pinning  galore

and wondering, but not really caring

have i pinned that before?


wanderlust – via post secret

spring brights + printed shorts via Pinterest

long hair inspiration via Pinterest


camo pants a cropped leather via Frassy

smile girls, marilyn monroe quote via pinterest

relaxed summer style via pinterest

ethnic statement jewelery and relaxed tee via pinterest

neon bubble skirt and sheer lace blouse via pinterest

white blouse, printed shorts and long waves

Wendy’s Lookbook – Valentino Rockstud heels

why i write via post secret

What trends have you guys been pinning lately?! I find its one of the best ways to be inspired and figure out what styles you are drawn to! I am completely obsessed with those Valentino heels and with ethnic influences for spring. What are you obsessing over? Follow me so I can follow you back and we can inspire each other, click here! If you know the original source (that I couldn’t find) of any of the pinterest photo please leave it in the comments below!

xo, aiyanajane


Stars, Lace, Tribal, Polka Dot

Lately I have been craving summer like you wouldn’t believe. Probably because its nearly half way through April and I had to brush 3 inches of snow off my car this morning. This needs to stop… I am dreaming of shorts… In the mean time a few styles I am eager to re-create. Since I have been focusing on a healthier lifestyle I have several pairs of jeans just begging to be refashioned into shorts. Maybe its just me but I loathe shorts that are too tight, I often will buy up a size just because of that, so too-big skinny jeans shall be chopped and re-modeled. SOON. Unfortunately my supplies are else where but I am going to rectify that situation promptly.

Which style are you most interested to see a DIY for!? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

XO, aiyanajane

Free Clinique Bonus at The Bay

from february 6-24th get a FREE CLINIQUE BEAUTY BAG

with a $31 purchase at The Bay Clinique Counter.

If you read on the regular, you know I’m a huge fan of clinique beauty products. I absolutely swear by their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and I keep a Chubby Stick and an Eyeshadow Trio in my purse at all times! Their high impact mascara and lipstick are classic favourites as well! Basically what I’m saying is the ONLY makeup I splurge on is Clinique- because its so worth it!!!

However, I am a bargain hunter by nature, so I always wait to buy until the bay has their bonus days, its usually once a season or so, I just keep my eyes open! I spotted it and thought I would share it with my lovely readers! I always buy their face lotion, one thing my mother taught me to never cheap out on- and she’s a scot! So no, its not exactly free, but if if buy my face lotion for $30 a bottle, then I get a cute travel bag packed with goodies!

What is your favourite beauty splurge? let me know below!!

xo, a