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5 INANE (but somewhat relevant) facts about me…

When I get dressed I feel like every outfit has its own story, a memory attached, a character to play. The story is what turns your clothing into your style and everyone can read it. Its who you are for the day to every passing stranger making up stories in their minds. Just think of the places you could have been in other people’s imagination. Anyways, this outfit is a favourite story of mine… facts below.

xo aiyanajane

wearing all le chateau and a DIY WRAP WATCH

  1.  I am obsessed with teal! Teal, turquoise, bluish-green.. whatever you want to call it, its my very favourite color, that gorgeous ocean blue! It makes me wish I was back in the Dominican this March rather than being stuck in Calgary. There is another snow storm currently in progress and I am less than impressed… which brings me to facto numero.. 
  2.  I loathe snow. Straight up my greatest ambition, right after the hobbit house, is to move somewhere where it snows from very little to not at all. I like summer and water and warm. Not snow and ice, except of course, for Game of Thrones, AMIRITE?!   I’m not even linking it because if you don’t know about it by now you live under a rock. Season three starts on the 31st of March, which gives you plenty of time to marathon the first two seasons if you start now.  I recommend the books as well but I would be very impressed if someone managed to finish them between now and the season premier, that would be a LOT of reading. I mean A LOT. Anyways obviously, I am ridiculously excited about it! RIDICULOUSLY. I’m kind of a nerd.
  3. One of my other favourite things is leopard print, which I literally post on at least a monthly basis…  Regardless, these pony hair kitten heels are my absolute go to for city style! They have this moda-reflex technology which is supposedly the bomb, combined with the low heel they are very comfortable. Plus they go with everything and make it instantly 8 times cooler. That’s a fact. The pashmina combines two of my favourite things and add’s a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.
  4. Skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater is another go-to. The hybrid counterpart “jeggings” are what I’m wearing here. Remember when jegging’s came out? I made fun of them SO HARD, I’m actually pretty sure an exact quote was “Who the expletive would EVER buy expletiving jeggings?!” Well  these were ten dollars and I realized that really, jeggings are the best efffing thing since sliced bread. They are comfy and tight like leggings, but warm and thick like jeans. I wear one of the family (jean, legging, jegging) on a daily basis when Calgary hits its coldest ( FYI: it drops to more than -40°c sometimes) Thankfully it’s not nearly that cold now. I borrowed the sweater I’m wearing from my roomie/BFF. For the longest time, we were scared to live together because you know, it really can ruin friendships…like, FOREVER. Anyways I was in a pinch and she stepped up and its been amazing! We borrow each others things and cook together, and sit on the internet together. Its quite lovely because we are more like family than friends anyways. I love her the most. She took some amazing photos for the blog which I will put up soon!
  5. Another thing about me, I love DIY’s mostly because I am hella cheap to buy the real thing!  In the summer when I broke my pelvis and all I could do was surf the web and watch movies I found this La Mer Charm Watch that I could not stop obsessing over. I mean, I NEEDED IT. Except for I had ZERO money and so I crafted an alternative for less than $30. I’m extremely happy with it compared to the nearly $200.00 price tag of some of the La Mer ones.. (Which I still kind of want, but now I’m learning more towards a rose gold marc jacobs… in my dreams, hah.) My ring is a Celtic symbol which means mother, daughter, grandmother, I got it visiting my mother’s family in Scotland when we went there in 2008. My ultimate dream DIY, as mentioned above, is building my own hobbit house. SERIOUSLY.

thank you for reading my pretties… 😉

Healthy French Toast

One of my favourite breakfasts is French Toast. Its warm and delicious and most importantly, extremely quick and easy to make!

I use 2 slices of Dempsters Ancient Grain’s Bread, one egg, a splash of skim milk and cinnamon to taste. Combine all ingredients in a shallow bowl and whisk together. Dip bread and fry on medium heat for ~1 minute/side. Serve hot with butter and maple syrup. To cut calories use only the egg white.  

This is a good source of protein and fiber to start your day off with energy.  I feel very Canadian in my love for Maple syrup but there is honestly no substitute for it!  Same with real butter… Becel is NOT butter. I believe in dairy not petroleum products.

This is a quick, easy and yummy way to start the day, especially in the chilly winter!! It takes only minutes to make and devour!


xo, a

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Argan Hair Care

It’s been a little over a year since I decided to grow out my pixie cut and go back to long hair.  It seems to me I always want what I don’t have, looking back I miss my pixie, it was so easy, it styles better the longer you don’t shower, perfectly low maintenance and cute.  At the same time I look at older photos of my super long locks and miss them terribly.  The hardest part is the in between stage, I always feel utterly boring with a bob, but it can hardly be avoided if one wants to go from pixie cut to long layers. I could get extensions, but 1. I’m too cheap 2. I’m too lazy 3. they kinda weird me out… someone else’s hair on your head!! What if it comes alive and tries to kill you like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets a hair transplant!!? No, thank you.

pixie cut for straight hair

THEN: super short pixie cut circa December 2011 – dyed dark red

long wavy hair with a triple barrel curling iron

GOAL: long layers, natural hair color, waved with a triple barrel curling iron.

NOW: A LONG BOB- supremely unremarkable hairstyle

 My hair was color treated for a couple years, I decided the best way to get rid of it and avoid roots was to chop it short and grow it out.  I noticed that after I had dyed it, my hair was more brittle, tangled more, and was generally more unmanageable. Plus, I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m SUPER lazy about my hair… having to maintain with dye every few weeks, such a hassle! I haven’t dyed it since November 2011, my hair is all natural now, I have cut it a few times since I started growing it out, to even out the wacky layers and rid myself of dead ends. Did you know cutting your hair regularly stimulates growth? So even though its hard to watch those extra inches go, they will grow back stronger and healthier with regular trims!

One year in and patience is waning at this point, I certainly have at least another year of growing before I’m close to my goal length.  I’ve been looking into supplements like Biotin and Silica and might just try to see if they help it grow even faster. Stay tuned! In the mean time; “just keep growing, just keep growing, what do we do? We grow, grow, GROW!”

To stimulate growth and keep hair shiny, soft and smooth, I recently picked up this Argan Oil Conditioner, Pure Argan Oil, and  a Soy Milk Shampoo, all from Winners. I use the pure oil whenever I use hot tools on my hair- turn head upside down and apply to the ends working your way up to the scalp. To get a shiny smooth blowout, use Argan Oil, a boar bristle brush, and then blow dry on cool to lock in shine. Argan Oil is an amazing de-tangler, apply it directly to knots and comb out gently; my hair knots like crazy, it’s part of the reason I tend to go for short hair every couple years, Argan will help prevent breakage as you fight the tangles! Apply it to your hair and give yourself regular head massages which will stimulate blood flow and increase hair growth.  In the photos you can still see some of the sun-streaks in the front from this summer, I used this DIY Lemon Lightening Spray to get natural highlights.

…and a sneak peak at an upcoming post, I’m loving this Equestrian style blazer!

silk scarf and tank, wool blazer - le chateauHope you’re having a wonderful weekend! xo, a