Simple Sailor

Red White and Blue - Spring Denim Suiting and Nautical Detailing

crossbody bag by CO-LAB via winners  ||  striped tee by JOE FRESH  ||  denim by AMERICAN EAGLE  || jewelery by ALDO  || blazer, kitten heels, pashmina by LE CHATEAU

Nude and Gold  details - starfish bracelet, gold rings. Cross Body BagSimple Spring Style - Nautical Stripes and denimPerfect Spring Style- Nautical, Nude and Gold Cross Body by Co-LabComfortable and Professional - Pashmina, Skinny Jeans and Kitten Heelsred, white and blue - nautical, stripes and denimBest Foot Forward in Nautical and Stripes- Red Pointy Toe Kitten Heels, Blazer, Bag and ScarfSEEING RED - pointy toe heels, anchor and striped scarfSTAR(fish) and stripes forever smiles and easy spring style. blue and red basicsOver the last few weeks I indulged in a little retail therapy ..and found this perfect cross body bag!  I am forever searching for bags that are the perfect mix of function and fashion and this one is just exactly right.  Naturally, Cedric took a bite out of the strap the moment I set it on the ground for a second, just to make sure I remember that he is the most important thing in the universe and would like dinner, now please. Prepare to most likely see a lot of this bag- bite marks and all- I’m super into the nude and gold tones for spring and its ideally sized!  I accessorized with a cute little starfish charm bracelet and stacked rings from Aldo accessories.  Everytime I go in there I want something else, today I saw this nautical striped bag that would have been perfect for my outfit! Since I linked it and its not in the photos, I trust you can tell I managed to resist. Plus, mine is better anyways 😛

Onto the outfit.  When I get dressed, what I really want is to be comfortable.  This outfit has my two favourite comfy basics- a relaxed cotton tee and dark wash skinny jeans.  My office is pretty casual so I get to wear jeans every day, I usually dress them up with a blazer.  This linen blazer kinda reminds me of chambray, and since denim-on-denim is having such a moment, I figured I would show some pride and bust out the Canadian Tuxedo.. sort of… the blazer is a bit of a cheat not being actual denim.  I have a love/hate relationship with linen… the wrinkles… there are no words, but this blazer eliminates that by having ruched details already so wrinkles don’t matter, fabulous!  The fabric has quite noticeable stretch (which I love in a blazer) and it is very light and cool.  Linen is often exclusively a spring and summer fabric (certainly in stores), which is why I find myself busting this jacket out as soon as the snow melts! (This time, stay away you white fluffy devil!)

Blue has always been my favourite color, it can basically be treated like a neutral, many people don’t seem to realize how versatile it is!  I’ve mentioned before how a scarf can make a simple outfit stand out- that’s absolutely the case here!   I paired simple basics with a bold, red, anchor printed pashmina, I love the black and white stripe detailing on the edges of it, pointy toe kitten heels and ruby lips finish the look. With a few accessories denim basics become a sweet sailor inspired outfit.

be safe at sea, xo, aiyanajane

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Thrift Store Find: Tailored Blazer

navy blazer with dark denim and grey for a perfect casual friday

thrift store finds - structured navy blazer


One thing you may know about me by now is that I cannot resist a good deal- its why I love thrifting so much! My mother always said I could pick out the most expensive item in the store the moment I walk in- it’s this eye for the expensive (read: quality) that aides in my constant search for thrift store deals. This navy blazer jumped out at me immediately- the tailoring and the stitching are impeccable. I firmly believe that when you find something at a thrift store that is clearly good quality AND fits like a glove, that it’s a divine sign that you obviously NEED to buy that item. For me, $6.99 for a blazer that fit in all the right places was much too lovely of a deal to pass up!

xo, aiyanajane

What I Wore – Equestrian Blazer

I wish I could have taken better photos of this blazer, but my roommate and I were in a bit of a hurry, we we’re celebrating the moving out of our other roommate who we did not like. I may have done a happy dance in his empty room while we took these photos!

I love this blazer, like ridiculously a lot. I think that I get more joy out of shopping than anyone else I know, I first laid eyes on this blazer over two years ago, while working at Le Chateau. It never came into my store, so I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t get a discount and it was like.. $250? Way too much on my budget! Then le chateau decided to lay me off instead of transferring me to another store like they said they would, so with no discount and a great deal of personal displeasure, I boycotted the store for awhile… the blazer would have to wait. Fast-forward to this Christmas, my boy gave me a gift card to le shit, since he knows I still love their clothes despite loathing the company itself. My best friend (and aforementioned roommate) works for le chateau now (despite my warnings!) but she hooked me up with her friends and family 50% discount, and I tracked down my beloved blazer to the outlet in Westhills. Finally after 2 years of wanting and waiting- the blazer was mine, for a marvelous price of $50.

WHAT I WORE~ Wool Blazer, Silk Tank, Silk Scarf – Le Chateau ~ Denim- American Eagle, thrifted at Trends, Kensington ~ Boots – Jessica Simpson, online from Victoria’s Secret.

Argan Hair Care

It’s been a little over a year since I decided to grow out my pixie cut and go back to long hair.  It seems to me I always want what I don’t have, looking back I miss my pixie, it was so easy, it styles better the longer you don’t shower, perfectly low maintenance and cute.  At the same time I look at older photos of my super long locks and miss them terribly.  The hardest part is the in between stage, I always feel utterly boring with a bob, but it can hardly be avoided if one wants to go from pixie cut to long layers. I could get extensions, but 1. I’m too cheap 2. I’m too lazy 3. they kinda weird me out… someone else’s hair on your head!! What if it comes alive and tries to kill you like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets a hair transplant!!? No, thank you.

pixie cut for straight hair

THEN: super short pixie cut circa December 2011 – dyed dark red

long wavy hair with a triple barrel curling iron

GOAL: long layers, natural hair color, waved with a triple barrel curling iron.

NOW: A LONG BOB- supremely unremarkable hairstyle

 My hair was color treated for a couple years, I decided the best way to get rid of it and avoid roots was to chop it short and grow it out.  I noticed that after I had dyed it, my hair was more brittle, tangled more, and was generally more unmanageable. Plus, I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m SUPER lazy about my hair… having to maintain with dye every few weeks, such a hassle! I haven’t dyed it since November 2011, my hair is all natural now, I have cut it a few times since I started growing it out, to even out the wacky layers and rid myself of dead ends. Did you know cutting your hair regularly stimulates growth? So even though its hard to watch those extra inches go, they will grow back stronger and healthier with regular trims!

One year in and patience is waning at this point, I certainly have at least another year of growing before I’m close to my goal length.  I’ve been looking into supplements like Biotin and Silica and might just try to see if they help it grow even faster. Stay tuned! In the mean time; “just keep growing, just keep growing, what do we do? We grow, grow, GROW!”

To stimulate growth and keep hair shiny, soft and smooth, I recently picked up this Argan Oil Conditioner, Pure Argan Oil, and  a Soy Milk Shampoo, all from Winners. I use the pure oil whenever I use hot tools on my hair- turn head upside down and apply to the ends working your way up to the scalp. To get a shiny smooth blowout, use Argan Oil, a boar bristle brush, and then blow dry on cool to lock in shine. Argan Oil is an amazing de-tangler, apply it directly to knots and comb out gently; my hair knots like crazy, it’s part of the reason I tend to go for short hair every couple years, Argan will help prevent breakage as you fight the tangles! Apply it to your hair and give yourself regular head massages which will stimulate blood flow and increase hair growth.  In the photos you can still see some of the sun-streaks in the front from this summer, I used this DIY Lemon Lightening Spray to get natural highlights.

…and a sneak peak at an upcoming post, I’m loving this Equestrian style blazer!

silk scarf and tank, wool blazer - le chateauHope you’re having a wonderful weekend! xo, a

Beetlejuice Blazer

I bought this blazer right before I started my weight loss journey, as a result I wore it once before it was too big for me! Today it was actually warm enough to go without a coat here in Calgary, so I layered a hoodie underneath to stay warm and make up for the loose fit! My bestie and I were going to get some new fishies (I had a casualty, sadly) I didn’t know what to wear and she loves this blazer (she’s the one who started calling it my “beetlejuice blazer”) so I wore it.  When I started layering the hoodie under the blazer she said “I dont think you can do that” , to which I replied “I can do whatever I want!”  since today marks day one of trying to wear everything I own, so I’m gonna have to be creative!! I hope you like!

XO, a

the beetlejuice blazer on



 *  lace bra – free people  *  blazer, tank, scarf, sunnies & shoes – le chateau  *  cross body bag – mat and nat via karmaloop *  leather panel leggings – romeo & juliet couture via Winners  *  sweater – billabong *

we didn’t even get the fish, they seemed sickly 😦 another day i suppose!

obsessed: GOLD RUSH


ellie saab sequin blazerGOLD SEQUINS & STUDS


sequin blazer leather shortswhite blouse gold brocade shorts

gold sequin tank leopard pumps skinny jeansgold studded mini skirt

gold shorts drapy blouse

gold sequin tank, skinny denim, leather jacket

which look is your favourite?

I can’t possibly choose! I love anything that glitters, but I am lusting for a sequin blazer… like the to die for ELIE SAAB posted above.

xo, a

What I Wore- Job Interview

On Saturday I had an interview at Sephora! It went really well, and afterwards I handed out a few more resumes, then walked into a restaurant and got hired after an on the spot interview- its a good thing I was already in the zone!

A big part of being able to rock an interview is being confident in what you’re wearing and dressing for the position you want! The perfect blazer, fitted black pants, boots and a white blouse are a fool proof combination! Generally when going for interviews I stick to a black, white and grey pallet, with a pop of color- in this case red! Its almost always better to be too dressy than too casual, I also like to wear my hair up, otherwise I find I nervously play with it! Try a sock bun for a cute and polished look. 

The bag I’m carrying is my latest indulgence. When I found a Michael Kors in a consignment store for only $70 I had to have it! Especially since I had recently decided I needed a good quality purse that works for every day. This one was it, perfect size, perfect everything. I love the quilting and the antiqued gold finishing.


Earrings, Pashmina, Blouse, Boots, Blazer & Bangle – Le Chateau

Purse – Michael Kors -Thrifted

Pants – XXI Forever

– xo, a

menswear madness!

A menswear inspired business casual look is one of my favourite styles to wear, especially for summer because I love wearing shorts with a blazer!!

The key to getting this look right is to keep the feminine details,  and make sure your pieces FIT properly, not too tight or too loose and keep an eye on your proportions! Keep in mind its only menswear inspired, you aren’t dressing up in drag!


Here are a few of my favourite celeb menswear inspired looks:

kate mara

emma stone

ashley green

ginnifer goodwin

anne hathaway

alexa chung, goddess of the menswear look.


Tips on getting it right:

1. Stick to neutral pieces..
then add color with accessories or makeup. I love a red lip with a menswear inspired outfit.
2. Don’t over-accessorize..
carry only a small classic bag, wear stud earrings, a bold ring, cuff bangle or a watch.
3. Emphasize your waist!
with a belt (like emma),  a corset (like ashley) or high-waist bottoms (like ginnifer or alexa) 
4. Wear dark colors on the bottom..
black, navy, brown or grey will slim visually, while white widens, it also shows wrinkles more.
5. Wear heels!!
Unless you are long and lean like the lovely Alexa up there, wear a heel! Choose something that doesn’t cut off at the ankle I love a pointy toe as it elongates the leg more (Ginnifer,  ilu.. but those shoes are not right,  Kate Mara’s shoe choice is bang on)
6. Mix structure, with softness..
Alexa gets the look perfect with a great structured pair of shorts, paired with a silky light button down and a blazer that fits just right.
7. Do print properly, or not at all..
Kate’s sheer blouse and polka dot blazer add a feminine twist to the masculine trend, while Anne’s graphic tee is too casual. Had she pushed up the sleeves of her blazer and worn the shirt half-tucked she could maybe have gotten away with the casual look, but the long sleeves and the wrinkly suit are her undoing.


And my way of wearing the menswear trend:

My thought process:  The shorts are highwaisted, have pleating (to add structure and femininity) and are slimming being black. The shirt is silk, loosely draped and bright white, plus the scoop neck makes it more girly. Wearing solid black and white pieces is totally reminiscent of a tux, keep it polished by tucking in the blouse and when shopping for high-waist pieces make sure they hit on the narrowest part of your waist. Next I chose a  grey snakeskin belt to add a little polish and a little print (and it keeps the shorts sitting where they should be) without being overwhelming. Grey stilettos to elongate the legs in a neutral color to match the belt,  without being too overly matchy.  (I have shoes with the same snakeskin print too and that was a tempting choice.) I picked a  long grey cashmere sweater, because it was cold, and I wasn’t in the mood for a blazer. Then I wore very minimal accessories.. (a bangle- which broke to my great dismay and small turquoise drop earrings) and I carried my every day purse which I have been obsessed with since I got it months ago. I’m carrying it here: