Happy Easter from Cedric Bunny!

Happy Easter from Cedric Diggory & City Style Country Smile

Happy Easter to all of you lovely readers, I hope your weekend is full of family, food, and snuggles… but most importantly, a ton of chocolate!  This is about 1/100th of my Cedric pictures… I tell people I am obsessed with him, but I’m quite certain they don’t fully understand the level of my devotion. Everyone who meets him says he’s the nicest bunny ever- I try to explain that all bunnies have the potential to be this nice, you just have to spend every waking moment with them! Legit a dwarf bunny is the best pet you can have as a transient student like myself.   So many people get a cat or dog without realizing the commitment or damage they can cause- get a bunny, all the fluffy goodness, no vocalizations and they live in a cage and can be litter trained! I’m so thankful for Cedric every single day and with it being Easter I figured what better time than to share an excessive amount of Cedric Diggory photos?! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend my lovelies!

xo, aiyanajane


Hello lovelies,

I’m sorry to be such a bad blogger, but I must confess all week long I’ve been feeling horribly negative.  Its not so much that I feel negative about myself or my life, more so that I sometimes just feel so overwhelmingly crushed by all the wrongs in the world, and I find myself depressed wondering how humanity can ever make up for the damage we’ve done.  So rather that do anything creative this week essentially when  I haven’t been at my practicum (which is going great by the way!) or in school, I’ve been moping, reading or hanging out with Cedric Diggory. Sometimes I just need time away from the cold outside world, so while 50 bunny pictures isn’t that exciting, unfortunatly its all I could manage this week. I’ve been exhausted with all the moving and changes in the last several months, and I just need a bit of a break!

I read somewhere that January 21st is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Although it is actually the turning point in winter and the days are now getting longer, a study said that many people feel their most depressed at this time of the year, once the glitz and glamour of the holidays is gone, you’ve likely reneged on your new years resolution, and truly its just to damn cold outside to not be miserable! I hope the rest of you have not been suffering from SADD that way I have lately.. I cannot wait for summer, the days right now are too short to even have daylight to shoot outfit photos after work!

 The days are getting longer now, its getting lighter, summer is coming… try to stay positive even in the middle of a deep freeze. In the meantime, close your eyes and think of the ocean.

in an attempt to stay positive and start the day off right, i changed my alarm… so far i still loathe getting out of bed in the morning.

wake up to positive messages

sometimes i just lie in bed for hours thinkin bout stuff

 JANUARY 18, 2013


my grandma has been sending me regular updates via ipad from  sunny mexico! mexico grandpa old mani managed to organize my closet and finish my laundry, CEDRIC HELPED OUT A LOT.organized closet cute bunny

back to bed – home from my first day of practicum!first day of practicum, legal assistant

i was doing homework but someone had other plans..Cedric distracting me with kisses

we snuggle lots, everybunny needs some bunny to love!bunny and girl, bed, best friends

current reading material – quite a mix of literature books to read,; tricks ellen hopkins, how to be an american house wife, margaret dilloway, something fierce carmen aguirre, its the crude dude, linda mcquaig

CHIN UP BUTTERCUP! still trying to beat my bad mood and insomnia, ignore the massive bags under my eyes!CEDRIC made a new friend Mr. Platypus (he hates me)cedric and the platypus living in calgary sometimes you just feel so sick of winter..


aint nobody got time fo dat, scraping icy windsheilds

xo, A


I’ve had a crazy week, I decided to live with my Grandparents on weekends, and  moved in with my best friend Michelle after having some issues with my previous living arrangements, so I have had no time for blogging with such a big change on such short notice, but I think this is going to be much better! In the mean time, insta-snapshots of my busy week.

new arm candy cross bracelets studs gold

new arm candy – ALDO – cross  + stud stacked braceletsdistracted driving with Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory loves car rides! He hopped up onto my shoulder for the long drive!drinks with my new roomie and oldest friend

Back in the city, celebrating moving in with margaritas!and of course, food

..and by stuffing our faces with appetizers from Moxies.first night in the new home, cedric is getting settled in

Cedric getting settled in for his first night in a new home, again!love text, candles, seashells, home decor

Whenever I move in somewhere, I always need to have at least one beautiful thing set up before I unpack everything else! Scented candles, seashells, diamonds and a handwritten love note help me relax. After the stress of moving I unwound before bed with some gentle yoga.mundane task selfie - getting an oil change

Bored and vain getting an oil change. Super mundane stuff.tiger high low hem t shirt

my boy got me a giftcard, and I got me this dope Tiger high-low tee

(and a few other things) from le chateau.depression quote, people are assholes

What I learned in school today.

Hope your week is starting off well, xo, a


My Christmas holidays were exactly what they should be- filled with love, family, pets, friends and food! It was a week of snuggling, reading and over-eating!

insta holidaysI hope you enjoyed your holidays xo, a



so far this DECEMBER

instaweek 8-12-12Sometimes i feel like all i do is complain about my injuries.. but i have been on a streak. these last two weeks have been no exception, now you see why there have been no outfit posts of late… black eyes are not chic.

1 –  I gave myself a black eye by trying to use a spinning chair as something to lean on.. I guess curly hair helps hide black eyes?  2 –  Cedric snuggles make me feel better.  3 – Dried flowers and feathers in the hanging planter on my deck.  4 – My roommate knit me this hat! I love it! I’m wearing more makeup than I ever do, hiding my bruises for work- remember to tip your waitress this holiday season!  5 – My kitties are bad, climbing up on the table!  6 – They are also ninjas.. I looked back and they had silently switched positions. it was wierd~  7 –  reading my horoscope while waiting in the doctors office for x-rays on my elbow (I fell down the stairs) …it seemed pretty accurate.  8 – I bought some new sunnies, as the black eye stays firmly in place all week.  9 – Bird feeders in the snowy trees, beautiful. Thank god for Chinooks, or Calgary winter would be unbearable.  10 – Redecorating; I got some new fishies, and covered my lamp with a cherry blossom pashmina.  11- More snuggles with Cedric, he is honestly the sweetest, I’m so thankful to have him.  12-  Missing my girls, won’t get to see them until Christmas. ❤

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All Moved In

Well, I’m all moved in! Classes begin Friday morning and I have been job hunting like crazy these last few days! I’m feeling so thankful and excited to be  living with a family friend who is honestly one of the most interesting and inspirational women I know! I thought you might like to see my new home, so here’s the virtual tour!

Welcome to my humble abode, come on down!

Sitting Area, featuring the one and only Cedric Diggory!

The view from Cedric’s Cage. Note the giant bowl of candy. This is my happy place.

The study area. Elephants never forget, hopefully I wont either?

I get to fall into this comfy bed after studying my little heart out!
Check out the body pillow case I made! (Its leopard print, of course!)

In the morning when I finally roll out of bed, I go straight to the makeup counter to beautify!

Re-purposed Secretary Desk to Makeup Counter. Click to DIY!

lipbalm and gloss, eyeliners & mascaras, lipstick and stain

eye shadows + lotions + hair care + perfumes

And of course, the most important part of any fashionista’s home- the closet. Isn’t it beautiful!?

Boots + Sweaters + Denim = Fall Essentials

And finally, the most amazing part of the whole house is the yoga studio! Beautiful.
How lucky am I to live with a woman who has a whole ROOM devoted to yoga?! Love.

I always feel more settled once my home is organized, decorated and clean.

Having art on my walls and animals in my room makes it feel like home!

I’m really hoping that after the last few months of seemingly never ending bad karma that now things are going to change! I feel like this is a step in the right direction that I’m so glad to be taking. I’m really excited to be moving forward, and even if karma decides she’s not done with me, I’m ready for another round! When things seem to be piling up against you, and like nothing is every going in your favor, the only thing that can make it worse is if you believe that to be true. Believe in your strength, know yourself, stand true to your beliefs and celebrate the ordinary things every day. Be happy for what you have, but never settle for less than you deserve. Strive every day, work hard every day, learn something, make something, be a good friend. Eventually what you put in will come back out. Remember, everything will work out in the end. Find what you love.

xo, aiyana